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7 Tips for Men on Sparking up a Conversation ...

By Melanie

If you are a guy and you have trouble sparking up a conversation with girls, then I am going to try my best to give you some tips that should help you. In the blog posting below, you are going to find 7 tips for men on sparking up a conversation …

7 First Impressions Mean a Lot

When you approach a girl that you like, introduce yourself. The girl will more than likely introduce herself as well. If she doesn’t, then ask her for her name. Remember, the first impression means a lot.

6 Don’t Think They’re out of Your League

Guys, when you are trying to strike up that conversation, you shouldn’t go thinking they are out of your league. That girl is only out of your league if you think she is. So, avoid having this thought in your head. Remember, you are as good as you think you are.


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5 Give Your Undivided Attention

When you are finally speaking with her, you should give her your undivided attention and nothing less. By doing this, you will be showing her that you are interested in her. Girls love it when a guy gives her his undivided attention.

4 Smile and Be Yourself

Of course, girls love when a guy smiles – so you should be sure to smile as much as you can. You also need to be yourself. Girls do not like it when someone pretends to be something that they really are not. Therefore, you need to be who you really are – yourself.

3 Make the Conversation Interesting and Smooth

Of course, in order to really draw her in, the conversation needs to be interesting and smooth. You don’t want to bore her. In fact, if she looks as if she is getting bored, you should switch to a different conversation.

2 Don’t Use Cheesy Compliments

Avoid saying any cheesy compliments that have been said over and over before. You know what I’m talking about – “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?” That can be a cheesy compliment. You can, however, give her a sweet compliment – like how you like her necklace, but don’t make the compliment anything that is sexual.

1 Ask for Her Number

Depending on how things are going when one of you has to run, don’t be afraid on asking for her number. If you are feeling good about yourself, start by asking if she would like you to walk her out to her car or perhaps drive her home. Usually, you should start small, so simply asking for her number would be fine.

Those are 7 tips for men on sparking up conversation. Take note that these tips are not guaranteed to help – it all depends on the individual you are trying to talk to. If it does not work out, then don’t get down. You should always hold your head up and continue moving forward. So, do you have any techniques you would like to share with everyone on this blog?

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