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7 Ways to Get Rid of a Guy ...

By Melanie

With the right tips at mind, getting rid of a guy is not hard, so they say. I do know that there are certain guys, guys that will no go away, that can make the whole process hard. With this blog, I am not just focusing on boyfriends you want to dump, I am focusing on any guy you know. Let me give you my 7 ways to get rid of a guy …

7 Stare at Their Forehead during the Entire Conversation

When that guy is talking to you, just stare at his forehead. Don’t look anywhere else, except his forehead when he is talking. If he asks you what is wrong, just shake your head. Perhaps he will think you are strange and never want to go around you again.

6 Find out Their Pet Peeves

If you know that guys pet peeves, then he will be in for a surprise. When you know his pet peeves, make sure you bring them to action.

5 Limit Your Availability Online and on the Phone

When he sees you online, he is going to try to message you, so make sure you appear offline to him. You could always appear offline and block him from ever seeing you online again. Apart from online, you also need to stay away from the phone. The message here is to get rid of any contact you may have.

4 Pretend He is Dead

If he takes something from you, such as a pencil, then go get another one. Act like he does not exist. You do no have to give any explanation with this one. Ignore him the best you can do.

3 Find out the Type of Person They do Not like

Surely, you will be able to figure out what type of girl that guy does not like. Many guys do not like the loud, obnoxious girl that is always talking and gossiping. You can easily turn into that girl (only when he is around), which could help to chase him off.

2 Tell Him You Have a Big Jealous Boyfriend

Let him know that you have a very big boyfriend. Not only is he very big and muscular, but he has also served some time in prison. Along with that, he gets very jealous when he sees some other guy talking to his girl. Tell him he wouldn’t want to end up like the last guy and leave it at that.

1 Tell Him to Go Away

Point blank, just come out in the open with this guy and tell him that you want him to go away. Tell him that there is nothing going on between the two of you and there never will be. Don’t beat around the bush with guys, because it could lead them on.

So, there you have 7 ways to get rid of a guy. Take note that this does not necessary have to be your boyfriend. It could be someone you only went on a date with one time before. It could even be a guy you never dated before. So, how would you get rid of that guy?

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