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8 Ways to Be More Affectionate ...

By Aprille

Being more affectionate in your relationship tends to make you both more comfortable with one another, as well as bringing you closer together too. There are plenty of subtle ways to show your loved one just how much you care. Here are 8 ways to be more affectionate for you to use.

8 A Playful Nudge

I find humor to be a large part of a relationship. If you can’t laugh with someone you love, then how can you be completely comfortable? A playful nudge given to your loved one when you both are joking around is a simple sign of affection. Make sure it’s just a nudge and not a sock to the arm that will cause bruises. This gesture might be alright if you’re being one of the guys, but it isn’t a very loving gesture!

7 A Smooch on the Top of the Head

I think this is rather sweet gesture. My husband does this whenever he walks past my chair. Alright, not every time, but at least more than a couple of times each day. It never fails to make me smile. This sign of affection is easiest to do when your loved one is seated, unless you are the taller one in the relationship.

6 Rubbing the Small of the Back

This may not sound very affectionate, but I guess it’s all in how you do it. Use an open hand and do a couple of slow circles on the small of the back. It has a very soothing effect. You can do this when you are standing next to one another in line.

5 Rest Your Feet on or Next to Your Loved Ones Feet

I’m sure you’ve seen this move in films. Couples playing footsie under the table during dinner is always cute. Just be sure that if you are with a group of friends that you are playing footsie with your loved one and not someone else’s significant other. That could be very embarrassing for you both!

4 Give a Wink

You’d be surprised at how intriguing a subtle wink can be. It’s almost a bit flirtatious and kind of fun, especially if it is totally unexpected. Trying winking at your loved one and see what the reaction is. You just might be able to cause a blush in return!

3 Snuggle Close when Sitting on the Couch

Most couples sit near one another while being seated on the couch, but really go for a good snuggle. Maybe rest your head on his/her shoulder too. This is always a good way to add a bit more affection to a simple snugglefest. Toss your legs over his/her’s as well and go for a little more closeness.

2 Hold Hands

I think it is the cutest thing in the world when an elderly couple holds hands as they walk down the road or in a mall or basically anywhere. Not only is holding hands a great sign of affection, but I think it is also rather romantic. Who would be angry that their loved one held their hand in public?

1 Kiss Your Honey when It’s Least Expected

Random kisses are always a good thing, in my opinion. The only time they might not be appropriate is if your loved one is in the middle of a conversation with someone. It’s sort of hard to carry on a valid conversation if you’re being slathered with kisses! Of course, these unexpected kisses don’t have to be placed on the lips either. The back of the neck is a great place to plant a surprise kiss and so is the hand or a bare shoulder too.

I hope you find these 8 ways to be more affectionate useful and maybe they helped you think of other ways to show some affection to your loved on. What methods do you use to let your Honey know he/she’s greatly appreciated and well-loved?

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