10 Things to do to Get over a Breakup Easily ...


10 Things to do to Get over a Breakup Easily ...
10 Things to do to Get over a Breakup Easily ...

Are you trying to get over a breakup, but you can’t seem to put the past behind you? Because I am a girl, I am going to write this blog from a girl's perspective. However, the tips I am going to give you are tips that both male and female can use. Just when you start to get him out of your mind, he pops back up. It seems as if those memories are never going to end and they can be very hurtful. While memories will last forever, the sadness of the breakup does not have to last forever. Below, I am going to give you 10 things to do to get over a breakupeasily…

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Put Away Those Pictures after You Have Broken up

Put Away Those Pictures after You Have Broken up Photo Credit: monique(moki)

Okay, so the two of you have broken up. Isn’t it time to put those pictures away? I am not saying to toss them out, but for now, if you keep them out, they are only going to continue reminding you and hurting you. So, until you have put the past behind you, put the pictures away.


It’s Time to Get Busy

It’s Time to Get Busy Photo Credit: pinktoque

After the break up, you probably do not feel like doing anything. You just want to sit there and mourn or sit on the couch and drink yourself dumb. Why do that? Sure, give yourself a couple of days to properly mourn, but that is all you need. After that, it is time to get up off of that couch, out of that house and move on with your own life. Start back at that hobby you used to love...


Time to Work out

Time to Work out Photo Credit: sean dreilinger

You may have never liked working out before, but now is the best time to do so. Besides, imagine his face when he see’s your newly toned body. Pop in that iPod and start working it. You will not only be getting into shape, but you are also going to feel better about yourself.


Watch Your Favorite Movie or Show

Watch Your Favorite Movie or Show Photo Credit: this charming broad

Watch something you really enjoy. If you watch something you enjoy, then you are not going to be thinking about those things that make you sad. Just make sure the movie or television show has nothing to do with him.


Play with Your Pet

Play with Your Pet Photo Credit: Tabbie-cats

This is something that I like doing regardless. Playing with your dog, cat, hamster, iguana, bearded dragon, goat, horse, snake or whatever you may have will be sure to get your mind off of him. Even going over and speaking with your fish is a good idea. No matter what, pets are your best friends and they will always be there for you.


Hanging out with Your Friends is a Good Idea

Hanging out with Your Friends is a Good Idea Photo Credit: sincerely

When you hang out with your friends, you will laugh and have fun. Forget about why you have been sad. Go out and eat, watch some movies or even work out together. Enjoy your friends and know that nothing will come in between you and your best friends.


Clean, Clean and Clean Some More

Clean, Clean and Clean Some More Photo Credit: Pozzetta, Inc.

Clean your room, clean your car, clean your living room, clean your yard, clean your kitchen. Just clean! Did you know that cleaning is a stress reliever? It’s a very good one and you will be keeping things neat. It will also trigger that creative side to clean or redecorate something else.


Change Something

Change Something Photo Credit: AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora

Changing something after a breakup is a great idea. You can change your hairstyle, your lifestyle or rearrange your house. Think of this as a start to a whole new you. This is the perfect time to change something you have been wanting to change.


Plan for Your Future

Plan for Your Future Photo Credit: Rugby Mad Girl

Sure, plans may sometimes not work out, but right now, planning for your future is a good idea. Make some fun plans for the summer, plan a trip, pick some classes to start during the fall or plan for a new pet. Set some deadlines and goals for things that you wish to accomplish. You’re not tied down, so you can easily plan that future and that is a big plus!


Purchase Something New

Purchase Something New Photo Credit: Cris {sunlight on a sweet morning.}

Buying something new is a grand idea. Now, don’t go out and blow all of your money just because you are upset. Do this responsibly or you could end up in debt. We’re talking about a new CD, a nice pair of shoes, a cute shirt or something for your pet. Retail therapy!

With those 10 tips on getting over a break up, you will be sure to chase those break up blues away. Why should you be hung up on one guy anyways, when there are hundreds, thousands and millions of other guys out there. What do you do to recover from a break-up?

Top Photo Credit: bored-now

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i cant believe this... im reading this post for the 2nd time.. dear heart why do u have to be so stupid

that was very great advice because i just got my heart shattered inn a million tiny pieces. i have been waiting four whole months to get with this guy and out of nowhere he just said its over.can someone tell me what to do to get back at him??

THANKS!!!! I just had a painful breakup and I can't stop mourning! My grades are goin down and whenever I see him I want to breakdown. I was strong enough not to cry during the break, he...he was crying. But thanks thanks thanks sooo much!!

It's been 6 months since our unclear break-up. I have ex-communicated him since that's what he seemingly did to me. I've never looked better people seem to see something I don't, I get attention and asked out none of it seems right.. None of them are the one I want. I am cleverly hiding the fact that I am still in love with him. I am out of ideas, and feeling like reaching out to him..not sure what the next best move is- need advice.

No response..thanks anyways.

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