10 Ways to Overcome a Breakup Quickly ...

I myself have been through many breakups, but in the end, I knew that everything would be just fine. Now that I look back at those breakups, which seemed so harsh at the time, they do not mean anything to me because I am happily married.

You too will be happily married one day and those breakup blues you are suffering from right now will be nothing. Below, I am going to give you 10 ways to overcome a breakup quickly. Many of these things are what I did in order to get over that guy…

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This is something that you are going to do at first, so just go ahead and cry. Get it all out. There is nothing wrong with crying. This is only you letting out your emotions. During this time, scream at the universe, sob along to sad movies or breakup songs, do anything to get it off of your chest…

9. Treat Yourself

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Go shopping and have a manicure. Shopping and treating myself out always seemed to get those problems off of my mind. You do not have to buy much, if you do not have much money at the time, then just buy a simple outfit or a shirt that you think is cute. If you have some extra cash, then treat yourself out to your favorite restaurant. (Avoid any restaurant you went to on a date.)

8. Avoid the Rebound

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I know that it sounds like a good idea to try to substitute that relationship with another, but this is definitely not what you need. It will lead you to nowhere except even more hurt when you snap out of it and find that you do not like the β€œrebound” guy or girl. Save the other from being hurt…

7. Focus on Those Good Things

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Surely there are good things that are going on in your life, so focus on that silver lining. Perhaps you are about to have a birthday party? You got a new car for your birthday? Whatever it is, focus on it…

6. Hug up on Your Pet

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Do you have a pet? It is a known fact that pets help relieve stress. Hug up on your pet as that is what they are there for. Dogs sense when you are sad and will try their best to make you happy. Even if you have an iguana or bearded dragon, let him/her sit on your lap and talk. That’s right, those pets will listen to everything you have to say. I have found that pets are very good listeners…

5. Volunteer

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Instead of sitting at home thinking about that lost relationship, go out and do good things for others. Volunteering at the local animal shelter, homeless shelter or anything else that helps someone would help to relieve that sadness that you have inside…

4. Get a New Hairstyle

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This is a great tip for girls. This can include something as simple as a touchup or something as drastic as dying your hair. When you have done this, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that this is the new you and you have moved on…

3. Get Rid of ...

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Any pictures of the ex boyfriend or girlfriend that you have. This way, you do not have to look at them ever again. If you want to be even more rebellious, then rip the picture up into little bitty places. Take your anger out as you are doing this. Tell yourself that when that picture is ripped up, you will move on…

2. Go out with Your Friends

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Sometimes, going out with your friends and spending time with others is the best way to get over those breakup blues.

1. Be Cool

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When you see your ex in the same room as you, act as if you do not care about the breakup. Don’t let him or her see that it is bothering you. In no time, this will come natural and you will find that you are completely over your ex.

What about you? What do you do during those breakup blues?

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