8 Ways to Deal with the Death of a Spouse ...


8 Ways to Deal with the Death of a Spouse ...
8 Ways to Deal with the Death of a Spouse ...

Losing a spouse is very devastating. But unfortuanely, in some point in time, many of us will lose someone close to us. It is all a part of life – where there is life, there is going to be loss. Below, I am going to give you 8 ways to deal with the death of your beloved spouse …

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Realize You Are Not Alone

During the year 2002, there were about 800,000 new widows and widowers. I know, you will be sad, but you need to look at the statistics and realize that you are not the only one dealing with this great loss.


Tend to Your Needs

Despite the hard times, please don’t forget that you need to attend to your basic needs. You need to eat, drink and sleep. Sometimes, people get so overwhelmed that they forget that they need to keep themselves alive.


Find a Professional

There are professionals that specialize in grief and loss counseling. Before your first session, take out a pen and paper and write down your thoughts. Write down anything that you are confused about.


Keep a Personal Journal

Instead of just writing things down on a piece of paper before you go to a councilor, you may want to start keeping a journal from here on. Whenever you feel sad, start writing in that journal. Write whatever you want – poems, songs, your thoughts – anything. When I am stressed or sad, I find that writing helps me cope with the pain.


Accept Help from outside Sources

Don’t isolate yourself. When a friend or family member lends a helping hand to you, be sure to accept it. This is when you will realize who your true friends are. Surely, you will have at least one shoulder to lean on.


Join a Support Group

There are support groups that will give you someone who is going through the same experience to talk to. At the support group, you will be able to meet fellow windows and widowers to share with.



Sometimes, you can turn to the Internet to find help. There are many people online that are sharing the same experience with you. This is a lot like number 3, except, you don’t have to go by your real name, if you don’t want to and you will be speaking to people online.


Believe in Yourself

Many have lost a spouse in their life and they are not able to move on, until they are able to believe in themselves. Realize that sadly, yes, a wonderful life has ended, but your life is going to go on. By helping yourself now, you can make sure you live a healthy, productive life and make lives of your family and friends happier by your mere existence.

Those are 8 ways to deal with the death of a spouse. I know, there are no words that can be spoken to help you get rid of the pain that you experience when someone close to you passes away. Time will heal some of the pain, and those happy memories the two of you had together will always be in your heart. Perhaps you could write a book on your life together with your loved one. That could be a great testimonial to your beloved half.

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