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7 Reasons Not to Date Your Best Friend ...

By Melanie

Personally, I have never dated my best friend. Unless you consider the fact that I think of my husband as not only my husband, but my best friend. However, I don’t think that counts. What I am talking about is when you take your best friend and make them into your boyfriend or girlfriend. While there are many pros to this, there are also some cons. Below, I am going to give you 7 reasons not to date your best friend …

7 You Could Ruin What You Have

You Could Ruin What You HavePhoto Credit: [OP]

You like the relationship you are already in, right? You enjoy having your best friend as your best friend, right? If you date your best friend, then you could end up losing your best friend altogether. Are you ready to ruin that relationship? Because best friends who date hardly ever go back to being best friends.

6 It Might Not Be Comfortable

You will feel almost as if you are dating your brother or sister. I know that if I were to date my best friend, I wouldn’t feel right. The best friend knows all your secrets, which could be good, but sometimes, it could be bad.


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5 You Will Have to Find a New Best Friend

You Will Have to Find a New Best FriendPhoto Credit: emily∞

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to find best friends and when you date one, you’ll have to start all over again. I find it much easier to keep the best friend you have.

4 You Won’t Be Able to Tell Your Deep Secrets You Can Only Tell to Your Best Friend

Do you know all those secrets you had? The ones you could only tell your best friend? The ones you couldn’t tell your boyfriend or girlfriend. Well, now, you will not have a best friend to tell those secrets to, because you will be dating your best friend!

3 You Won’t Be Able to Get Relationship Advice

You Won’t Be Able to Get Relationship AdvicePhoto Credit: Mary Hare

When you need relationship advice, don’t you go to your best friend for that? Now, you will no longer be able to get that advice when you feel your relationship is in trouble. I know, you could always go online and get advice, but there’s nothing like getting it from a best friend – someone who knows all about you.

2 They Will Always Be There Anyways

They Will Always Be There AnywaysPhoto Credit: Anne*°

Who would you lose first – your partner or your best friend? I would say your partner. Best friends are there forever, unless you do something horrible. You will always have your best friend there, but the relationship with your partner could end.

1 They Will Know Everything about You – Even the Embarrassing Things

They Will Know Everything about You – Even the Embarrassing ThingsPhoto Credit: fotrristi

Are you ready to date someone who knows everything about you? Even those embarrassing things? Even if they know you don’t know how to kiss? That you have a certain problem? Personally, this wouldn’t be a downfall for me, it’d be a relief knowing that the partner knows everything about you, but some girls don’t like this.

There you have 7 reasons not to date your best friend. If you want to date your best friend, then you should do so with caution. Think it through, first. So, have you ever dated your best friend?

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