7 Reasons Why Women Cheat ...

Statistics show that more women than ever are cheating on their partners, and I’ve always wondered why. There has always been that group of men desperate for action with anyone, but women have always been so proud and honest and loving, and cheating just doesn’t fit that mould, so it’s growing popularity has always had me foxed. Why do women stray!? I’ve been doing some research, and the reasons might not be what you think...

1. Revenge

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A lot of women who cheat are getting revenge on their partners, after being seriously hurt. Affairs can do a lot of damage, but instead of crying with their friends, women are finding a single hot man and showing him exactly how much it hurts to knowyour partner has cheated on you. Not clever, really, but understandable...there is only so much yelling can achieve, and the hurt is intense. It can easily block rational thought, and even someone who knows two wrongs can’t make a right could be tempted into pay-back.

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