10 Reasons to Avoid Going to Bars ...


10 Reasons to Avoid Going to Bars ...
10 Reasons to Avoid Going to Bars ...

If you go to bars by yourself, you should consider thinking about some safety tips and things to avoid. You can never be more cautious then being prepared for the worst at a bar. The bar brings many weird people and they could harm you. I'm not all against going to bars, but you should always think before you leap. Please read my 10 Reasons to Avoid Going to Bars…

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Public Intoxification

Public Intoxification Photo Credit: thescatteredimage

First off, you should know drinking and roaming the streets is illegal and could be fatal. You will end up in jail or cause someone a wreck by messing you into the road. This could lead to a dui or worst. You could commit murder, because most people don't remember the next day.



DUI Photo Credit: vikisuzan

Drinking and driving kills thousands of people per week. This is caused by bars, because people get into their cars after being in the bar and have no designated drivers. A Dui can be harsh and make you walk the rest of your life, without driving. They can also be costly, because you have to go to a DUI school. Not a good path to take.


Bad Environment

Bad Environment Photo Credit: DekirMax

Most people that go to bars have behavior problems when they drink too much. This causes fights and that could lead you to jail time or being hurt. Most perverts go to bars to pick up dates. You could be leading to a major problem if you drink too much and go home with one of these people.


Moreover, the boisterous atmosphere of bars can often escalate into unwanted confrontations. Even if you're not directly involved, being in the vicinity of such altercations can be distressing and potentially dangerous. Additionally, the dim lighting and loud music are not conducive to genuine connections, often leading to miscommunication and discomfort. With alcohol impairing judgment, it's easier to overlook red flags, potentially leading to dangerous encounters. It's not uncommon for individuals to exploit these environments for nefarious purposes, preying on those who are inebriated or vulnerable. Therefore, it's crucial to remain vigilant and prioritize personal safety.


Your Kids

Your Kids Photo Credit: carf

Not many people think about what type of role model you are setting to your children, when you go to the bar. You are telling them it's alright to go to a bar and drink. This could cause them to drink and drive when their older. However, many kids have parents that come home and beat their kids after being at bars. Very sad problem with this world.


May End up Being Pregnant

May End up Being Pregnant Photo Credit: slayerphoto

Drinking can make you forget about a few major aspects of life, such as protection or whom you end up going home with. You may end up going home with some person that has one thing on his mind. Bars have many perverts and you may end up with a problem on your hands.


Going to bars can be a fun way to spend a night out, but it also carries certain risks. One of the biggest risks that people face when going to bars is the potential for an unplanned pregnancy. This is especially true for women, as they are more likely to become pregnant than men.

Alcohol can impair judgment and lead to people making decisions that they would not normally make while sober. This can lead to unprotected sex, which can lead to an unplanned pregnancy. Additionally, bars are often frequented by people who are looking for casual sex. This can lead to people engaging in risky behavior that could result in a pregnancy.

In addition to the risks of an unplanned pregnancy, there are other risks associated with going to bars. People can be exposed to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) if they engage in unprotected sex. Additionally, people can be exposed to drugs and alcohol, which can lead to addiction and other health problems.


You Could Get Someone Pregnant

You Could Get Someone Pregnant Photo Credit: velouria!

It would be wrong if I only included women, because there are women out there that want to be pregnant to get child support. This is becoming more common in bars and women waiting for that chance to make their move. Men never think that they can be victims too, so why not get wasted. Be warned you can be harmed too and have a problem on your hands.



Morels Photo Credit: Ian Lambert

Morels can be very important, because you don't want to make yourself look like you’re a easy person or a drunk. You should take precautions to drink very little or go with a friend. You don't want to just go home with just anyone. This is where your morels should be set right.



STD's Photo Credit: shutter.chick

People that go to bars can have STD's and you should avoid sex at all cost with almost anyone. You should always learn about the person before going home with someone. Drinking increases sex drives and makes your mind think differently. So be careful and think ahead, because STD's cannot be seen sometimes.



Kidnapped Photo Credit: Ashley A

You might think this is far fetch, but all someone has to do is slip something into your drink and take you home. You next wake up in basement in a chair tied up. You might think it only happens in movies, but there are thousands of people being kidnapped every day.


Drinking in Public is Wrong!

Drinking in Public is Wrong! Photo Credit: archidave

I never drink in public, because you could hurt someone or make a bad impression on yourself. A cup of wine at a restaurant is healthy and in the comfort of your spouse. That is something that is fine, but drinking at a bar is asking for trouble. How many people do you hear "Wow that guy or girl is wasted and doing something stupid" or " That poor women crashed into a light pole and died after coming from the bar". Sad to think that people do this every day.

You may think I'm against going to bars, so be it, because I think it's plain wrong. Bars are the number one reason that makes drinking and driving more common. Many friends I knew when I was in school ended up dead, because of drinking and driving. Get this, it was because they just got back from the bar and didn't have a person to drive them home. Do you think these reasons are enough to stop you going to a bar?

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I agree, this is not ridiculous. It warns you and can help you make better desicions when you're thinking about going to a bar.

Personally, I don't think this is a ridiculous article that Aprille wrote. It just speaks the truth. You'll only not like it if you are the type who goes to bars. Melanie

This is ridiculous.

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