8 Reasons to Say No to Drugs ...


8 Reasons to Say No to Drugs ...
8 Reasons to Say No to Drugs ...

Drugs have been around for centuries and it’s highly unlikely that they will ever disappear off the face of the earth. I’ve had quite a few friends involved with various drugs over the years and some are still struggling with addiction. I feel that prevention is usually the best medicine, which is why I’m sharing my 8 reasons to say no to drugs.

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Drugs aren’t cheap, by any means. People often go broke when trying to support their personal drug habits. It’s better to save money for more important things, such as food, shelter, clothing, and fuel for the car. There are so many fun activities that require money that will create much fonder memories than those induced by drugs. Expenses arise even for people who have connections and get their drugs for free. Hospital bills and car repairs are two expenses that often occur as a result of drugs.


Messes with Your Though Process

Messes with Your Though Process Photo Credit: Jonathan!

Some people have a hard enough time keeping their thoughts straight when they aren’t taking drugs. Depending on the type of drugs being taken, a person’s thought process can deteriorate very quickly. When a person’s thinking becomes altered, it’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t. Some drugs cause depressive thoughts, while others cause suicidal or manic thoughts. Since each person reacts to drugs differently, you never know how strongly your mind will be affected.


Can Cause Job Loss

Can Cause Job Loss Photo Credit: MrLomo

I’ve had many friends that lost their jobs because they got involved with drugs. Sometimes they weren’t able to find another job, due to their personal record showing they had gotten fired because of drug use. So, not only can drugs cause you to lose your job, but they can even prevent you from getting another one. Jobs are scarce enough as it is. There’s no sense in taking a chance of loosing one because of a drug habit.


Damages Relationships

Damages Relationships Photo Credit: HaMeD!caL

People become a changed person when they take drugs and usually for the worse. Being in a relationship can be difficult, but it’s even harder when one or both individuals are involved with drugs. If only one person has a drug habit, sometimes the other partner is able to find help before things get too out of hand. When both people in a relationship are taking drugs, then an observant outside source is needed to intervene.


Can Ruin the Chance to Have a Family of Your Own

Can Ruin the Chance to Have a Family of Your Own Photo Credit: magnum_lady (busy)

Not only do drugs cause relationships to end, which plays a part in not being able to have a family, but they also can physically eliminate the chance of having kids. Some drugs cause men to become sterile, which then makes it impossible to father children. Expectant mothers who take drugs risk causing harm to their unborn child and possibly having a miscarriage altogether.


Loss of Friends

Loss of Friends Photo Credit: Syd's Photography

This situation actually goes both ways. I’ve had friends that I still cared about who were involved with drugs, but they ended up becoming less friendly and almost anti-social. Many people think friends are lost because one person can’t deal with their friend’s drug problem. It’s more often the other way around; people become involved with drugs and drift away from their friends. The only way they tend to stay in touch is if the friend is also a supplier of drugs.


Saddens Family Members

Saddens Family Members Photo Credit: Escape Artist2010

Parents don’t want to see their children fall into something that will ruin their lives. No matter how small or large a family is, there’s usually at least one person who is willing to help out a family member who is having drug problems. Talking about drugs in the open often brings a family closer together. By being able to discuss the effects of drugs, many families are able to talk about problems together and not have members turn to drugs instead.


Ruins Your Own Health

Ruins Your Own Health Photo Credit: [ r ♥ c e y t ♥ y ] {I br♥ke for bokeh}

The health effects involve with taking drugs will depend on the type taken. For instance, some drugs affect a person’s teeth, hair, nails, and skin. Other drugs affect internal organs or brain activity. The appearance of some people gives away their type of drug habit, while others hide their pain internally. If left for many years, then some drug habits can damage the body beyond repair. This damage causes physical pain and suffering for the addict and those around him/her.

I hope these 8 reasons to say no to drugs might come in handy some day. Have you ever had a friend or family member involved with drugs? How did you handle it? This is a constant battle for many.

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I love drugs<3 I will never my pot!! I mean never give up my pot!! Sorry im stoned...

i really agree with # 2 & 7 . It really does mess up your mind & you can't think straight sometimes . it made me slower lol but oh well i just have to suffer the consequences & the biggest past of doing drugs is it definetly sadness your family members . you put your family members thru a tough time . so it's not worth it & other harder part is quitting .

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