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8 Ideas to Make Your Child Follow the House Rules ...

By Aprille

We all have this problem with our kids when they reach the ages of the terrible two's or even reaching the ages of a teenager. How do you get them to follow the rules without a hassle and make it easier on you? Many parents go through many rough times trying to get their kids to understand the rules. Please read my 8 Ideas To Make Your Child Follow the House Rules…

8 Punishment

PunishmentPhoto Credit: steviewonderduck

When it comes to Punishment for your child not following house rules, you need to ground them or take something away for the next few days. With kids, you can simply take away computer privileges or video games. You do this every time they don't obey by the house rules. For teens, you can take away their cell phones for the weekend. Very effective approach to get them to learn the rules are serious.

7 Tell They Why There is Rules

Tell They Why There is RulesPhoto Credit: Eric Dupuis

Tell them the reason why you have house rules. Many rules are made to keep your children safe in your home. Tell them that they have to follow the rules in order to be safe from harm at home. This approach helps the kids learn that if they don't follow the house rules something could harm them. This doesn't apply for chores or make sure you lift the toilet seat. It's the rules like, curfew, stay in the yard, and don't allow strangers in your home or don't answer the door without a parent.

6 Allowance Deducted

Allowance DeductedPhoto Credit: AmyMichelle~

Not all kids like the fact that their allowance can be deducted by not following the rules. This can get them to learn that the rules are important to follow in order to keep their allowance coming in. Most kids will hear the words "allowance will be deducted if you don't follow the rules" and make sure they follow them.

5 No Phone Calls

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This method is like voodoo to a teenage girl. They want to call their friends and communicate as most girls do, so this is effective to use if they don't obey by the rules. Of course, this doesn't help younger children, because they shouldn't be using the phone.

4 No Friends over

No Friends overPhoto Credit: athena herman

Most boys or girls like to have friends over to have a good time. It was always fun when I had friends over at any age of course. This can be effective to get rid of, if you want them to follow the rules.

3 No after School Sports

No after School SportsPhoto Credit: Nicole Pace

Some kids like going to school and playing high school basketball or football. You take this away and tell them they have to sit out some games when their bad, you will find they won't like it and follow the rules. Sometimes just saying the words will get them to listen, you don't have to really go through with it.

2 No TV

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All kids watch TV and when they can't watch their Saturday morning shows it's something that could be a problem for them. So, when they don't follow the rules the next time, you need to consider taking this away. Some kids will take it as a warning and say ill never do it again. However, some will say so and walk away. That means a new method should be used.

1 No Video Games

No Video GamesPhoto Credit: Nanoo Nanoo

All kids have Video game consoles they play time to time. When you tell them that they better follow the rules and not get into trouble, this is the first method anyone should do. Most girls won't care of course, but when it comes to boys. They go crazy and make sure they don't mess up.

I hope that these methods work for you, because kids can put you in some very sticky situations. They can disapprove and not obey at times, which makes life in general hard to handle. Do you use any of these methods mentioned?

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