10 Fun Things to do with Kids in Winter ...


10 Fun Things to do with Kids in Winter ...
10 Fun Things to do with Kids in Winter ...

I know having winter fun with the kids is on a lot of people’s minds during this time of the year. I may live in the lovely old sunshine state (Florida), but don’t go thinking that it does not get cold here! We have some pretty harsh winters. In fact, we just had one of the longest freeze spells ever. Scraping ice off of the car window every morning was fun in my book. My daughter, Ariela, enjoys watching it. So, what are 10 <a title="7 Fun Things to do in San Francisco …" href="https://allwomenstalk.com/7-fun-things-to-do-in-san-francisco/">fun things to do with kids in winter?

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Make Hot Chocolate!

Make Hot Chocolate! Photo Credit: jasfitz

Mmm, I still remember when my parents made me hot chocolate when it was cold. It just warms the whole body up. I am not too big on giving kids sweets and my daughter is more of a fruit eater and doesn’t like sweets, but I don’t think she could turn down a cup of hot chocolate, not on a cold wintry day!


Go Sledding Together

Go Sledding Together Photo Credit: WHEREISHERE

Okay, this is more for those that live in the places where there is actual snow on the ground. I mean, if I were to go outside right now and go sledding, I would be… muddy. Even when there is frost on the ground, a sled just would not work out. However, if you live where there is snow, then dress those darlings up warm and enjoy some sledding together! Wheee!


Make Paper Snowflakes

Make Paper Snowflakes Photo Credit: cornerstonelae

Aww! I love making paper snowflakes with my daughter during Christmas. She is only five, so I cut the snowflakes for her and she puts glue (that can get messy and sticky) and glitter on them. She loves making those paper snowflakes so much that she wants to do it all year long. Maybe during the rest of the year, we will go for some fun origami.


Make a Graph Showing the Low and High Temperatures

Make a Graph Showing the Low and High Temperatures Photo Credit: insashi

This will teach the children a bit about weather. Making a graph showing the day’s high and low temperatures is a great idea. Your children will have fun doing this one and learn something at the same time.


Have a Snowball Fight!

Okay, I don’t think I can have a snowball fight here, because there is no snow, but if you have snow, then do it! It's definitely afun thing to do in winter. Make sure you do not pack the ice too tight or throw it too hard. I guess I will have to stick to food fights… just kidding!


Play Your Favorite Board Games

Play Your Favorite Board Games Photo Credit: F-2

Okay, so it is cold outside. Correction, it is FREEZING outside and you don’t want to take the kids out because they could get the sniffles. Instead, stay inside and play some board games. Today, you have tons of board games, such as Candy Land (my favorite when I was a kid), Pet Shops, Life and many more.


Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder Photo Credit: Kris Kros

Contribute to nature. Do you know those birds out there? They would like some bird seed on a pine cone. Make sure you do not glue the bird seed on there though. You do not want to give them a tummy ache!


Measure the Snowfall

Measure the Snowfall Photo Credit: © Don Iannone Photography

Instead of sitting athome this winter, go outside with your children and measure it. Keep documents of the measurements. Years to come, you can sit down and look at the records that you kept with your children.


Make Snow Angels

Make Snow Angels Photo Credit: janoid

What better thing for little angels to do than lay down on the ground and make some snow angels? When they make their first snow angel, make sure you capture that moment with some pictures! My daughter talks about making snow angels, so she really wants it to snow so she can. Sometimes, she will lay down on the ground and demonstrate how she will do it.


Buy a Kid-sized Shovel and Shovel the Driveway Together

Buy a Kid-sized Shovel and Shovel the Driveway Together Photo Credit: miwaza

This is a great idea. Your little one will feel like he or she is helping you out. They will be sure to giggle and laugh as they are doing this. And I can definitely see them brag about this one to their friends.

My list could go on and on. You could visit the local library, color winter scenes, build a snow fort, feel a spray bottle with colored water and write stuff in the snow, use the backside of wrapping paper and draw, etc… what are the fun things you like doing with your children during the winter?

Top Photo Credit: Angie♥Nan (offline)

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Wonderful Suggestions Mel!! I'm going to send this to all the mummies I know!! :)

We made Hot Chocolate this morning... How Funny

We actually got lots of snow this winter (quite unusual for this area), and my,almost 2 year old, granddaughter loved being outside with me,sledding, making snow angels, and throwing snowball up in the air and watching them splat on the pavement...she made me laugh from just watching her giggle so much.

Sheila, snow is so pretty, because it just covers all the dingy colors of past fall, but driving on snowy roads is not that great. At least you did experience snow once, so you can relate to those of us who have it each winter.

all of these are sooooo adorable<3

Hot chocolate, yummmy! The making snow angel picture looks so sweet.

Hey Tom Sparks, I would like to apologize for using his picture. Can you specify which one it is so we can delete it asap. Thanks and sorry once again.

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