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8 Lessons We Can Learn from Brad and Ange ...

By Kati

Recently I’ve been thinking about relationships, and what you can learn from other people. After all, there are some lessons that you just won’t learn unless you make the mistake yourself, but others, you can avoid heartbreak by adopting from the start. The best celebrity couple? In my opinion, Brad and Angelina. They’ve been through are my top 8 lessons we can learn from Brad and Angie.

1 Exe’s Never Really Go Away

Exe’s Never Really Go AwayPhoto Credit: WolfS♡ul

Whether she’s a gorgeous celebrity on the front of every magazine or just someone who lives nearby, exes don’t go away. There is always the possibility of bumping into them, or them being bought up in conversation...history cannot be erased. So work out all the difficulties they did or could cause, and make peace, so that when they do pop up, they can’t cause problems.

2 Children Bring Strain

Children Bring StrainPhoto Credit: RIPizzo

No matter how pretty and uniquely named your children are, they put strain on even the most perfect relationships. They keep you up all night, put you in a mood and play you off against each other. It isn’t going to be happy families all the time, and that’s completely normal. Just prepare for it!

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3 Take Me Time

Whether you can afford a nanny to help out or just have a friend or family member around for a visit, if you get the offer of some you time, even for ten minutes, take it! Have a sandwich, a picnic, or a hug. Even the smoothest relationships need some upkeep, so take some you time whenever you can.

4 Sex is Important

Sex is ImportantPhoto Credit: Look In The Tunk

The saying goes that men need sex. This isn’t strictly true. Relationships need sex. As well as being amazing, and making you feel good, its also a way of bonding and feeling closer together. If you give it up, you are allowing a big gap to open between you and your man, and even risking him seeing you as a housewife, rather than his sexy girlfriend. Even if you are the sexiest woman in the world.

5 Be Careful What You Tell Others

Be Careful What You Tell OthersPhoto Credit: © Marron Glacé

When Angelina told the press that she doesn’t think fidelity is necessary in a relationship, Brad was clearly shocked, and it’s completely understandable why. Keep relationship matters private, out of respect for your partner, and make sure that you have already discussed things such as children, marriage and what counts as cheating. That way, you know you are on the same page.

6 Keeping up Appearances

Keeping up AppearancesPhoto Credit: h3ather

When he grows his facial hair long enough to be mistaken for a monkey and you stop shaving your legs, it’s time to put some effort in! It’s a sign that he has stopped trying to keep you attracted to him, and that’s never good. Consider whether there is anything worth saving, and if so, start saving it!

7 Opposites Attract...a Little

Opposites Attract...a LittlePhoto Credit: Pellicciaio

While opposites do attract, its not usually the type of attraction that lasts forever. Instead, it’s an intense attraction caused by curiosity and while it can last a while, it doesn’t usually last forever.

8 Married Men Are a Bad Idea

Married Men Are a Bad IdeaPhoto Credit: smoothdude

If he’s married, stay away. The path to happiness isn’t easy for anyone, so don’t put more obstacles in the way! Not only will you have to worry about his ex, but you’ll make enemies with his family and friends, and have to go through a divorce with him.

I think some of these lessons are really important...I’ve had a friend whose tried married men, and opposites, and it’s cost her a lot of heart ache. If she’d learnt from Brad and Ange, she wouldn’t have! So I’m vowing to learn everything I can from the super couple, and cross my fingers that they can teach us much more. After all, pain free relationship lessons are much better then learning for yourself...have you learnt a love lesson from a celeb couple? Please tell me about it!

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