7 Things to do in December ...


7 Things to do in December ...
7 Things to do in December ...

December is a month filled with shopping and planning family get-togethers. And, it's known to be the most stressful of all months in a year. This December, do these seven things that will help you relax and enjoy the wonderful, holiday spirit that fills the air just a bit more!

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Take a Walk in the Snow

Take a Walk in the Snow Photo Credit: crustydolphin

Yep, just a plain old, uneventful walk. Now, you can't count walking down the sidewalk between stores! I mean a walk either in the woods, or through the fields. Lift your face to the sky and feel the snowflakes tickle your nose. Close your eyes and bask in the amazing, feathery lightness of the millions of snowflakes swirling through the skies.


Go Skating

Go Skating Photo Credit: futo

Grab your honey and go skating out on the frozen lakes in your area. If you're not living in an area where it gets cold enough to freeze over a lake, hit the local skating rink. This is a fun time to enjoy hot chocolate and cookies. If you do not like skating, what about sledding?


Sit by the Fire

Sit by the Fire Photo Credit: Stephanoot

Grab you a blanket, make a cup of hot cocoa, and just sit and relax. Stare into the flames and think about your life - about how much you have been blessed - about the family and friends that you love! Pretty soon, you'll be able to face anything the holiday season throws at you with a stress free face!


Get Crafty

Get Crafty Photo Credit: suzy @ floating world

Make your own Christmas wreath, or winter flower arrangement. Design your own, homemade, one-of-a-kind Christmas cards for family and friends. You can even make gift for everybody rather than buying things!


Have a Cookie Exchange

Have a Cookie Exchange Photo Credit: Pillsbury.com

Instead of spending hours of free time baking each of your favorite holiday treats, host an exchange with friends and family. Plan it so that each person bakes a different type of cookie, enough to share with the entire group. Don't forget to make some extra so that everyone can snack while party is going on!


Hang Some Mistletoe

Hang Some Mistletoe Photo Credit: "G" jewels g is for grandma

Hand up some mistletoe, following the old, Scandinavian tradition, so that both the young and old couple can share in the simple joys of a kiss under the mistletoe!


Decorate Everything!

Decorate Everything! Photo Credit: drkigawa

My rule of thumb is "As long as I have decorations in the box, and an empty wall or doorway, or table, it's going to get decorated!" Fill your house with lights and everything Christmas! One website strongly suggested decorating the kitchen since it's a regular place you visit during the holiday season. My house is filled with lights and evergreen garland with bright, red bows! This is my favorite time to decorate!

December should be a time of joy and fun - a time to relax with family and friends. So don't stress over the little things, just take time to have fun and enjoy what makes December such a fantastic month! What does your family to make December memorable?

Top Photo Credit: Hulpy - BACK ONLINE - Yabba dabba doo!!!

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