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I always believe in doing acts of random kindness. You can really change a persons mood by doing this. Don’t just do it for people you know, but do it for strangers that you see walking past you. There are various acts of kindness that you can do. In the blog below, I am going to give you 7 kind things to do this year.

7. Deposit Coins in an Expired Meter

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When you see an expired meter and someone is parked in front of it, then deposit some coins in it for the individual. Surely, they are going to enjoy your act of kindness as it will save them from a ticket.

6. Send Care Packages to Soldiers

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There is a site that I would like to give you: anysoldier.com. You should really look into this site. There are soldiers names, which you can go through and randomly send them care packages and letters. I always thought this was a good idea as I know they need to know we support them – imagine the soldiers face when they open a care package you sent over.

5. Help Someone Randomly

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When you see someone in a parking lot struggling to lift something, don’t be afraid to go over and offer your help. I remember when my Mustang got stuck on the beach, an old guy stayed and made sure he got the car out. See, it’s things like that that will leave an impression on people.

4. Donate Money

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Oh yes, there are plenty of places out there that need some extra money. There is breast cancer awareness, the pound and many other foundations.

3. Compliment a Stranger

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If you like how someone’s hair looks, then give them that compliment. If you like someone’s shirt, then tell them. Compliment a stranger and you could end up making that strangers day. Taking someone’s sadness and changing it into happiness is truly an act of kindness.

2. Donate Clothes to People Who Need Them

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There are charities and drop boxes where you can donate clothes to those who are in need of it. Some people donate things through Craigslist free of charge, but with Craigslist, the people could turn around and sell the items. There are various places out there you can donate clothes and toys to that will make sure it goes to the right place.

1. Adopt a Puppy

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I remember writing a blog last year around this time. I remember mentioning this one and I am going to mention it this year as well. Adopt a puppy. If not a puppy, then some other pet. If you know that you are ready for this extra family member, then make sure you get them from the shelter.

Those are 7 kind things to do this year. You should get out a pen and paper and start making a list of kind things you should do this year. So, have any of you already did something kind this year? Keep it up.

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