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9 Things to do in February

By Talynn

February is a month full of love and romance, and many times, lots of snow too! I like to make a special list of special things to do each month, just to make life a little happier. Today, I share my list with you in the hope that you, too, will do these nine things this February!

1 Have a Chocolate Tasting Party

Host an all chocolate party for your gal friends! Send an invitation to each guest with the request for each of him or her to bring a different chocolate dish. (You may want to designate the dishes, that way nobody duplicates) Pair with some white and red wines (of whatever else you like to drink) and have a chocolaty-good time!

2 Write Some Love

Forget going to the store and getting the valentine's day card that all the other women are getting their sweethearts! Create your own! Whether you want to create one on the computer or hand-create one, the words coming from your own heart and hand are sure to make that special someone feel so much more special! Write two or three and hide them in different places for them to find!

3 Go Crazy with Candles

Nothing says hot, steamy romance like lots of flaming candles, softly lighting a room. Make sure, however, if they are different scents, that they are coordinating scents. I don't recommend burning a sweet pea candle and an apple cinnamon one, but burning something like "pumpkin spice" and apple cinnamon do go well together.

4 Play a Sexy Game of Treasure Hunt

You and your sweetheart will have so much fun with this racy little game! Go to the store and buy a new nightie, sexy panties, sparkling grape juice, candles, chocolates, and anything else you want for a fun valentine's night. Hide the different articles in different places for your man to find throughout the day. Start his day by allowing him to find your new panties hanging on his rearview mirror as he leaves for work with a note telling him he will need to bring them home later...while he is working, drive by and leave the chocolates in his seat, have the bottle of sparkling juice sitting in front of the door, the nightie hanging on the door knob... You get the picture. Then put everything together for a great night!

5 Host a Valentine Making Party

Your girlfriends will enjoy getting together with scrap booking supplies and creating valentines for friends and family. No matter what the age, a woman never loses the interest in the romance of Valentines Day! You can also do the same idea of you have kids, allowing them to invite friends over several days before Valentine's day to make cards together. Doing anything with friends is so much more fun than doing it alone!

6 Read a Book

It's always a thing for me...I love to read! This month, I recommend something sweet and romantic. Releasing on February 1st, Ree Drummond's book, The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels - A Love Story. This book sounds promising to me!

7 Learn a Poem

Train your brain! There are so many wonderful love poems existing today! Choose one and attempt to totally memorize it! Then find a karaoke night somewhere and recite it in honor of your sweetheart!

8 Cook up Some Love

Make February the month of cookie love. Or brownie love. Or crumb cake love. Or whatever you and your family love to eat. Try a new recipe every day. Cook up some love, and watch you family fall in love all over again.

9 Watch Romantic Movies All Month

I know, guys hate sappy love stories, but we girls need our romance fixes. So rent several love stories this month and watch them all. Maybe your hubby will learn by example. Oooo…honey. Meet me on the couch!

Since February is the love month, make sure you show some love to the ones you love. How do you show love?

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