7 Nice Things You Can do for a Football Fan ...


7 Nice Things You Can do for a Football Fan ...
7 Nice Things You Can do for a Football Fan ...

Football is and always will be “the most important unimportant thing on this world” and regardless of whether we approve of it or not, it is a big part of our lives – directly or indirectly. Now, you might not be a football fan yourself but I’m sure you have at least one of them in your family. And, since everyday is the perfect time to make a positive change, here’s some things you might want to consider rather than rolling your eyes every time the words “football”, “TV” and “match” are being mentioned together:

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Show Some “team Spirit”

You don’t have to watch the actual game or offer to keep him company on the stadium. After all, no self-respecting man would ever take you to one of those interesting games where two rival teams are about to compare their skills – those events often get out of hand and people get hurt. However, you can import that “go team” attitude and ask questions like “How did WE go?” or, “How are WE doing so far?”. Be happy if his team won and sad and shocked if they lost. It’s not such a big sacrifice on your part and it will make him feel much happier.


Get Some Snacks and a Six-pack

There is a big game on TV tonight , he’s talking about it for days and you’re driving back home from work thinking “ I’m going to have to spend an evening listening to five guys yelling their cusses to the TV set. Phew!” But, why don’t you do things differently this time? So, instead of showing up all gloomy and nervous, stop to the gas station, get some beer and chips and walk in with a big smile, “party” supplies and the afore mentioned team spirit. No, you still don’t have to sit through the game! Now that you got him all happy and positively surprised, you can phone the better halves of the men that are going to be occupying your living space for the evening and arrange a girl’s night.


Don’t Make Him Have to Choose

You know that he’d always pick you first but not making him have to choose between you and a football game is what makes you a better person and an understanding girlfriend. I mean, how would you feel if he made you choose between him and a visit to an extremely popular hair stylist which you actually had to schedule one month in advance? If there is a big game going on, suggest postponing the date for tomorrow – you’ll get an evening for yourself and he’ll get an evening of guilt-free fun. Why not? If you insist on going along as planned he’ll probably suggest staying at home or going to the coffee shop that has a TV, so you won’t only have to settle for getting only 50% of his attention but suffer the night of


Get Him the Tickets for the Match

This is something any football fan would appreciate deeply so, in case you need a perfect birthday present or you just want to surprise your beloved brother, father, boyfriend or a best friend for no reason, start Googling. You know how they say, “Google knows everything” and it could tell you the time and the location of the next big game, ticket service you need to call in order to book the passes and even some special offers that could make you save up to 50% of the regular price.


Embrace His Hobby

A birthday cake shaped like the World Cup trophy or maybe the one in the colors of his favorite team? When it comes to birthday surprises and anniversaries, his hobby can always serve as a great source of ideas. My beloved Panathinaikos fan loves everything that’s green so, if this sounds familiar, think about buying him a shirt or any garment in the color of his team.


Keep a Lookout for Collector’s Items

These things can be found on eBay or sites that specialize in selling sports memorabilia. You’ll probably have to auction for the item and compete with a bunch of other sports fans. Now, if that doesn’t put you into the right mood, seeing the look on your football fan’s face when he gets the item certainly will! In case you “know people who know people”, you can even get a unique item autographed especially for him or you can opt for a riskier tactics that did work for some – mail the item you want autographed using the fan mail address you will find on the official fan page of your football fan’s favorite athlete. If you are opting for this last strategy, be sure to do this a whole year in advance as you are definitely not the only person with this request.


Stop Nagging

Come on, we have our little guilty pleasures, too. The fact that they don’t involve a bunch of guys chasing one ball doesn’t make them any better. So, whenever you feel like saying how stupid it is and how you don’t understand the point, just count to ten and say the most positive thing you can at the moment. Believe me, not all the people are that understanding and your football fan will consider himself very lucky to have you and find ways to return the favor by supporting you in times when you really need it!

Which one of these tips do you feel you could use? But, maybe you’re already using them all! Now, if that’s the case, your football fans should consider themselves very lucky indeed!

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My son is a football fan, bought him an original football and he loves it!

I am a football fanatic and love to be around with people who shows interest in it.

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