5 Things Warm and Fun ...

By Meream

1 Garden Lights

How do you feel about Christmas lights all year round in your garden? I think it's wonderful; it will surely make your sanctuary feel a lot warmer.

2 Winter Fierce

Take a look at how Marian styled her vintage cardigan. I have to say that I'll never be able to pull this off. How fab is she?

3 Staying Away from the Sun

Are you a creature of the night? A vampire, perhaps? Do you want to know how to avoid the dreaded sun? Then wonder no more because these tips are for you!

4 Sweater Chic

If you're having a hard time looking chic this season, check out these outfit ideas from College Candy. I like outfit # 2. How about you?

5 Sunshine Siren

We know, we know, it's still cold outside. But there is way for you to feel like you're in summer heaven. How do you feel about sunshine yellow items?

If you have read something online lately that reminded you of summer days or keeping warm this season, we're all ears. Please tell us about it!

Top Photo Credit: Marionzetta

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