7 Ways to Have Fun in the Snow ...


7 Ways to Have Fun in the Snow ...
7 Ways to Have Fun in the Snow ...

The great thing about snow is playing in it. As an adult, I miss being able to do that. And then I realized, there are no rules saying I can't do it now. There are plenty of ways to play in the snow, after all, and they aren't all just for kids. For instance, check out these 7 ways to have fun in the snow.

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Building Snowmen

Ah, a classic. I haven't built a snowman in years, and now I'm dying to. This activity is great for just about anyone. For example, it's a wonderful family activity, of course, but friends who are looking to recapture the dewy days of their youth can do it too. Personally, I want to get out with the Better Half and build a whole snow family.


Snowball Wars

How is this not fun? Ambushing someone with a snowball out of nowhere, and then running for cover before they can retaliate – that really brings back memories! Have a snow fight with the people you love, plot and plan for an all out snowball war. Just remember to keep your flanks well covered and never let the enemy see you sweat!


Snow Forts & Igloos

In fact, before you have a war, you might want to build some protection. I have actually never built either a snow fort or an igloo. Have any of you guys? Is it difficult? Because I tell you what, I would love to try it. Given the temperatures out here right now, it might even last a while. Like until April.


Ice Skating

I can't ice skate but I would love to learn. There is nothing quite so sweet as skating along with the one you love while it comes down dusk and gloaming colors the sky. Plus it's a great way to have fun with your friends and family. If you're anywhere near a snowbelt, there's probably an ice skating location somewhere near you – even an old-fashioned ice skating lake!


Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing is an excellent way to get exercise when it snows, and you get to see a lot of beautiful things. There is a definite knack to it, so if you haven't done it before, you will definitely want to start out slow and go on a shorter journey. But as you build up your endurance and your ankles, you can plan a cross country snow shoe adventure!



Winter is an excellent time for skiing, and even if you do not have any slopes nearby, you can go cross country skiing, right? I think. I've actually never been skiing myself, so I don't know all the ins and outs, but I'll grant you it looks like a whole lot of fun.



Last but most definitely not least, building a bonfire is a great way to enjoy the snow. The contrast of hot and cold is actually really exhilarating. Pull up some logs, build up a fire in a pit, roast some marshmallows, drink some hot chocolate, and make some memories.

It actually hasn't snowed here yet, and the rumor is that it's going to be cold, dry winter. I hope we get at least a little bit; I'd like to do some things I haven't done before, or haven't done for a very long time. How do you celebrate snow?

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I love snow ball wars. Hurts like hell but it's super fun

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