5 Amazing Ways to Welcome 2010 ...


5 Amazing Ways to Welcome 2010 ...
5 Amazing Ways to Welcome 2010 ...

What could be better than starting the new year engaged? Make sure that you are dressed appropriately in case the boyfriend asks though.

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I don't know about you but I always have a hard time sticking to mine. This post made me realize that perhaps my resolutions were of the wrong "kind." These are definite helpful tips.


New Year's Eve Handmade Decorations

Planning a New Year's Eve party? Check out these festive handmade finds for dressing up your home. The buntings are super fun.


Spend Less to Start the Year Right

If you're hosting a New Year's Eve party and other holiday parties, you probably think that being thrifty is out of the question. But try these tips to save a lot of moolah this season.


How? By not spending too much on your New Year's Eve party outfit, of course. These ideas will get you started.
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I have already failed on the "spend less" front so there goes that. New Years resolutions....I don't know. I've always been skeptical of them simply because I've never been able to keep them. But that post gives me hope :) I also loved the Etsy finds. They're fabulous! Diana! Loved your homemade cards! Left you a comment over at your blog.

Spend less and keep my resolutions, I can handle those :-)

Those New Year Resolutions......I wonder if anyone actually follow the ones they set out for New Year. I am always told that everyone wants to lose weight in the New Year, so the first few weeks at the gym are packed, and then it slowly starts to thin out.....

Great ideas, Meream!! :)

Thanks Sheila...your so sweet! How are you doing? What are your plans for the holidays?

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