10 Steps to Help You Love Your Curves ...


10 Steps to Help You Love Your Curves ...
10 Steps to Help You Love Your Curves ...

Women are bombarded with images and stereotypes of the perfect body everyday. It can be hard to appreciate the up side of being blessed with extra curves. Sometimes you can’t help but have a twinge of self doubt. I’m here to tell you not to buy into the hype! Here are 10 steps towards helping you love those sexy curves…

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Wear Complimentary Clothes

Wear Complimentary Clothes Photo Credit: AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora

Every now and then I’ll come across something really cute, I’ll get all excited, I’ll try it on and… it doesn’t quite fit the way I want it to. Sometimes it is just a tad too tight and other times it’s a bit bigger and I just look all wrong. But then there are other times when it fits just right, hugging and giving in all the right places, showing off my best features, and I feel like a million bucks. Wear clothes that look good on YOU, not the mannequin, the model or your sister, and you’ll feel great.


Take Care of Your Body

Take Care of Your Body Photo Credit: disneymike

Pampering your body isn’t always about what we do to the outside of it with manicures, seaweed wraps and Swedish massages. You can’t expect your body to be good to you unless you’re good to it. Fuel your sexy body with fresh, healthy, delicious foods. Try a healthy gourmet recipe and skip the drive through. We’re going for quality here. Eat well while still enjoying the occasional slice of NY Cheesecake. You’re a goddess, you deserve the best.


Surround Yourself with People That Love You

Surround Yourself with People That Love You Photo Credit: margrett:)

If you were to ask your best friend what they like about you I am pretty sure they are not going to mention anything about your size, shape, figure or weight. Why? Because personalities are what make friendships work. When you have great friends and family that think the best of you, how is it possible to not love yourself too?


Define Your Own Style

Define Your Own Style Photo Credit: zerbetron

Much like wearing clothes that look good and fit well, some styles just aren’t made for girls with a little more to love. Don’t get me wrong, I can pull off skinny jeans like the best of them, but I have to admit that those maxi dresses look awful on me. In the same breath, there are some things that are made for “straight sizes” that I’ve seen curvy girls pull off even better. Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself, play around with what looks good on YOU. Show off your best features – bare those shoulders, accentuate that cute booty! Be brave, be bold and be yourself!


Find Role Models

Find Role Models Photo Credit: Mareen Fischinger

After watching everyone in your life diet for years on end it can be hard to find someone that loves their body for how it is. But it can be done! I found my inspiration in a girl that grew up in my city named Gabi. It was only after I started following Gabi’s blog, youngfatandfabulous.com, that I really started to appreciate the things I love most about being plus sized. Her positivity, appetite for life and fierce style are impossible to not love! Best of all, she has an unwavering confidence that radiates from the screen. Find someone that loves themselves and it will inspires you to see the beautiful things about you


Purge Negative People and Energy

Purge Negative People and Energy Photo Credit: Ben Heine

I strongly believe it is more important to shed toxic friends than it is to shed weight. Along with ditching those people that don’t think you’re awesome, it’s crucial to get rid of any ridiculous notions that make you feel bad about your body. Find and eliminate negative energy with a vengeance. You don’t need that in your life; you’re much too busy feeling amazing about how great you are.


Be Active in Something

Be Active in Something Photo Credit: Cavan Images

I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t like exercising. But I have to admit, I always feel great after I’ve done something good for my legs, arms and tummy. I like yoga. I also like tennis, swimming and walking my dog. I don’t do it to lose weight but to get the satisfaction of knowing that I’m trying to stay strong and healthy. When you are active in something that you love to do you won’t feel like your weight stops you from living a happy and fulfilling life


Be Honest and Realistic

Be Honest and Realistic Photo Credit: [ ppu ]

Being honest with yourself about your goals and how you feel about body is important. You can’t be happy with who you are if you aren’t honest. If you’ve got health, fitness or weight goals, be realistic about how to achieve those goals. Eating only one food for the next three months isn’t realistic and saying you’re a size 6 when you aren’t isn’t honest. And if you can’t tell yourself the truth you’ve got bigger problems than just your waistline


Learn to Take Compliments

Learn to Take Compliments Photo Credit: sleepymeko

My closest friends are all the skinny model type. I used to shrug off the nice things people said about me, thinking it was only said so I didn’t feel left out. Once I learned to take compliments I realized that all of the doubt about my beauty and size was in my own head. I can rock stiletto heels like nobody’s business and I always look great in bright colors. My skin is nice, I’ve got a pretty smile and a great personality. (Not that I’m bragging!) Take the nice things people say about you and use them to build up your confidence. Why not?


Step Away from the Fashion Magazines and Stop Comparing

Step Away from the Fashion Magazines and Stop Comparing Photo Credit: kyerabianca

Unless you have a team of stylists to make you look amazing, a personal trainer to tailor a workout to you, a chef to prepare perfectly well balanced meals, a personal assistant to handle all of the stressful things in your life, a nanny to watch your children, a maid to clean your house and a slew of graphic designers to carefully edit every wrinkle, bump and mark from your photographs you are NEVER going to look like the women in magazines. The images we see in magazines aren’t even real. So just stop.

While there are days when I wish my tummy was flatter and my hips not as wide (usually when I find something super cute ON SALE and it isn’t in my size!) I can confidently say that I love my body. What helps you love your curves?

Top Photo Credit: zerbetron

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Love all your posts! Espically number 10. I compare myself to the women who are way to skinny to be heathy and happy, a little to often. You should be happy with your shape and everyone is built differently in the beginning. So a tall, big footed, broud shouldered, ruff and tumble girl like myself, will never be a small, patite little thing like on the covergirl's front page. Be happy with who you are and what you look like, and remember health and happy is better then skinny and upset!:D

A really refreshing post.

Love this post! #1 is a biggie. I constantly buy clothes that are popular and I find cute, but they rarely fit me right. It's sometimes hard to find your style when being obsessed with runway trends...the skinny runway models can pull it off, and me, well, not so much :P so now I just go for the clothes that compliment my shape. some styles are in and others aren't and oh well, i don't care. i'm sticking to my flares (and skinnys) regardless of what's popular.

Thank you! I haven't seen an article like this yet, I love it! I'll definitely refer it to a few friends of mine :)

Excellent post! I'm glad that no matter how much weight I lose I never lose my curves. Well, the boobs are always the first to go but they're still there, just smaller and not as heavy to lug around ;)

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