13 Most Extreme Ways to Lose Weight ...


13 Most Extreme Ways to Lose Weight ...
13 Most Extreme Ways to Lose Weight ...

With more pressure than ever, more and more of us, weight losers, are turning to extreme and dangerous ways to shed the pounds. Being at a healthy weight is important because it protects you from all sorts of health issues that I'm sure you'd rather avoid. However, most experts will tell you that there is no quick fix. The best way to drop those stubborn pounds is to burn more calories than you take in by making healthy food choices and getting plenty of exercise. This formula also ensures the most success. That being said, it's a good idea to educate yourself on extreme measures that are probably a bad choice.

But is it really worth it? Here are some of the Most Dangerous Ways to Lose Weight I found and their actual chances of success.

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Stomach Stapling ...

Estimated Time: 1 -2 days
Level of Danger: High
Chance of Success: Medium

This is what you see in that disturbing picture above. Stomach Stapling involves creating a pouch in the stomach that can only hold an ounce of food. This restricts eating, and leads to immediate weight loss. However, it is a surgery only given to the very obese, and this is because it is very, very risky. Stomach infections are common in people who have this surgery, and it is a very extreme way to lose weight. Unless you are severely overweight, it’s much better to try other, less invasive methods first.


Stomach stapling is a surgical procedure in which a restrictive pouch is created in the stomach. This pouch can only hold an ounce of food, so it restricts how much one can eat and leads to immediate weight loss. It is a serious surgery and is only done on the extremely obese, as it carries a high level of risk. Complications from the surgery, such as stomach infections, are common and can be very serious.

The surgery is considered an extreme weight loss measure and should only be considered by those who have tried and failed to lose weight through other, less invasive methods. Diet and exercise are the best and safest ways to lose weight, and should be the first line of defense against obesity. If those methods fail, then consulting a doctor about the possibility of stomach stapling is the next step.

It is important to remember that stomach stapling is not a miracle cure for obesity. It is a serious surgery that carries a high risk of complications and should only be done as a last resort. Even after the surgery, it is important to maintain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly to ensure that the weight loss is maintained.


Insulin Abuse ...

Estimated Time: 4 days
Level of Danger: High
Chance of Success: High

Another popular way to lose weight, especially with diabetic teenagers, is to inject oneself with less insulin. This means that they have enough to stay alive, but not enough to keep their blood sugars low. Carbohydrates are then indigestible, and stored fat is used as a main source of energy. This is very dangerous. Weight loss occurs very, very fast, and friends and family will often spur on the behaviour by noticing this. However, insulin abuse has terrible consequences and can drastically reduce your lifespan. It will also cause internal damage to the kidneys, bladder and liver. It is never a good idea to abuse your insulin, as you need the full amount to maintain a healthy blood sugar rate. Please do not do this.


Liposuction ...

Estimated Time: Immediate, but 3 -4 weeks for recovery
Level of Danger: Medium
Chance of Success: Medium

Liposuction is now readily available, but not many people know what it actually entails. Through tiny incisions, a narrow tube is inserted which is pulled up and down to destroy a layer of fat. This tube then sucks up the fat, and the process starts again elsewhere. Obviously, fluid is lost as well, so most people require a drip, and wake up with extreme bruising which begins to fade 3 – 4 weeks later. They are also scarred, although these are only small, and should be well hidden. Liposuction is a very serious surgery which shouldn’t just be booked online. Talk to your doctor about the process, and see if he has any suggestions. If you decide to go ahead, make sure you use a reputable surgeon and hospital, and that you are sure that this is what you want. I know I would never get one, especially after seeing what the procedure is in Doctors 90210 on E!.


Appetite Oppressing Pills ...

Estimated Time: 1 – 3 weeks
Level of Danger: Medium
Chance of Success: Medium

Some weight loss pills do work, but they must be prescribed by a doctor. Most of the ones available directly to consumers are simply a mix of herbs and stimulants that will cause your body to become addicted. This addiction will lead to high blood pressure, a dry mouth, chest pains and palpitations, if not lung diseases, as well as costing you a fortune. If you want tablets to aid your weight loss, see your doctor, or buy a well known, safe variety such as “Adios”, which will aid your weight loss without risking your life.

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Regular Intake of Laxatives ...

Estimated Time: Within 72 hours
Level of Danger: High
Chance of Success: Low

This method involves taking a high number of strong laxatives regularly. It works by forcing food out of the body, so that it cannot be properly absorbed. It also causes fluid loss, which can make the user feel skinnier. However, it is completely stupid. After only a short time, this leads to dehydration, diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting, and eventually causes complete loss of bowel control and even death. I would urge anybody to boycott this dieting fad, because it is never going to do anything but seriously harm your health.


Ipecac Syrup ...

Estimated Time: 1 – 2 weeks
Level of Danger: High
Chance of Success: Medium

Famous in the modelling industry, this syrup is used to make you throw up. The syrup is intended for use when somebody has been accidentally poisoned, and leads to violent and painful vomiting after its taken. Again, this method is very stupid. While it may help you shed some pounds, it will also cause irregular heartbeats, difficulty breathing and even heart attacks. This is the main killer of people with eating disorders, so please, please think twice before you try it.


Diuretics ...

Estimated Time: 1 week
Level of Danger: Medium
Chance of Success: Low

Similar to laxatives, “water pills” are marketed at people looking to lose weight fast. In fact, diuretics cause the body to become severely dehydrated, which will lead to heavy water retention and this will leave you looking bulkier then ever. They also seriously damage your kidneys, and cause electrolyte imbalance. If you feel that you do retain too much water naturally, please see your doctor and explain your concerns. He’s likely to have a much better response then something that could leave you desperately needing a kidney transplant.


Starving Oneself ...

Estimated Time: 48 hours
Level of Danger: High
Chance of Success: Low

For some reason, this remains a popular way to attempt to lose weight. Unfortunately, it fails every single time. Within hours, you will experience cravings, which will get stronger. Drinking water may curb these slightly, but not really, and soon enough the cravings will cause serious pain and will eventually cause you to collapse. You will have headaches, dizziness, nausea, and you will probably damage your internal organs, too. Please, please don’t be this stupid. A common variation of this is to cut out all carbohydrates, or limit foods to only vegetables and water. These are also very likely to fail, and will lead to internal damage. Your body needs food from all of the food groups, so make sure your diet contains them all, in moderation.


Bulimia ...

Estimated Time: 1 week
Level of Danger: High
Chance of Success: Medium

This is an eating disorder, characterized by binge eating followed by self-induced vomiting. It is also very dangerous. Frequent vomiting will cause chronic gastric reflux, dehydration, hypokalemia, oral trauma, peptic ulcers and inflammation of the oesophagus. After a few cycles, there will also be severe electrolyte imbalance, which can lead to heart attacks. As well as internal damage, there are also external factors, such as rotted teeth enamel, the smell of sick and frequent bathroom visits. Most sufferers become withdrawn because they get scared of people finding out and trying to stop them. Again, this is a very stupid way to try and lose weight and it is fatal a high percent of the time. There are much safer ways to losing weight than this.


Illegal Drugs

Estimated time: One week or less
Level of Danger: High
Chance of Success: Medium

It's true that illegal drugs alter your sense of hunger and appetite, helping you drop some stubborn pounds. However, they have all sorts of dangerous side effects that just aren't worth it. Such drugs are highly addictive and can lead to physical and mental consequences that can affect the rest of your life. You might lose some weight, but you'll be so focused on your next fix that you won't even be able to enjoy your thinner body. And you won't look healthy either.


Urine Injections

Estimated time: One day
Level of Danger: Medium
Chance of Success: Medium

If you can stomach the thought of injecting yourself with urine, you can potentially lose one pound each day. The reason is that urine contains the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, which tricks your body into believing you're pregnant, thereby boosting your metabolism and helping your burn calories faster. The risks may outweigh the benefits though and you'll need to stock up on sterile materials for the injections.


Urine injections, also known as hCG injections, are a controversial weight loss method. Though proponents claim that the injections can help people lose up to a pound a day, the risks and side effects may outweigh any potential benefits.

The hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is naturally produced by the body during pregnancy and is thought to increase metabolism and help burn calories faster. Injecting it into the body is believed to have the same effect. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this. In fact, the FDA has not approved hCG injections for weight loss, and it is not recommended by medical professionals.

In addition to the lack of evidence, there are several other risks associated with urine injections. These include infection, scarring, and allergic reactions. Furthermore, the injections can be expensive and require the use of sterile materials.

Overall, urine injections are an extreme weight loss method that should be approached with caution. There is no scientific evidence to support the claims that it is an effective way to lose weight, and it carries a number of risks. Before attempting this method, it is important to consult with a medical professional to ensure safety.


Nasogastric Dripping Tube

Estimated time: 10 days
Level of danger: Medium
Chance of Success: Medium

Some people will do anything to lose weight. This method involves having a tube placed through the nose and into the stomach. A so-called healthy mixture of fats, water and protein drips continuously into the stomach, inducing ketosis. During ketosis, the body is said to burn fat, but not muscle, which theoretically results in weight loss. However, the diet could lead to nutrient deficiencies as real food is off limits for 10 days. Plus, you have to walk around with a feeding tube and bag of liquid for 10 days.


Tongue Patch

Estimated time: Less than 1 week
Level of danger: High
Chance of success: Medium

The tongue patch is truly a patch sewn to your tongue. It makes it uncomfortable, and even painful, to eat solid foods so you subsist on a liquid diet for one month, after which the patch is removed. The idea is that you have 4 weeks to retrain your brain to make thoughtful and carefully considered food choices. The patch does increase the risk of an infection and won't ensure long term success as regular eating can be resumed once the patch is gone.

So if you need to lose weight, please do it in a sensible way. Talk to your doctor, consider your diet and exercise, and tell your friends or your parents your intentions. Make sure that the method you choose is sensible and healthy, so that you know that the results are long term, and remember that it’s never worth risking your life to lose weight.

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Have you got a favourite weight loss method? Please tell me about it!

This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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