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The "Real" Weight Loss Secret of the Stars ...

By Oksana

We all have seen the photos of the latest hot celebrity to lose 20 lbs. and look fantastic. Their secret is not in what they did, it is in the how they did it. They had "people" so can you at a fraction of the costs.

Having a support structure is vital to losing weight. A recent clinical study by Brown University found that dieters who have a structured support program and network were three times more likely to lose weight than those who went at it alone. Success was primarily due to the support from the network that a dieter normally could not provide. Benefits of having a support network can be encouragement to maintain a positive mental attitude, motivation, accountability, and professional know-how.

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However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we all should go out and hire a team to help us with our weight loss; there are other more economical ways to gain these benefits without the expense.
With the growth of the internet, many services provide online weight loss programs with registered dieticians and nutritionist at a fraction of the cost of face to face programs. Brianna Collins, registered dietician for The Diet Smart Plan, notes that seeing clients online can be just as effective as seeing them in person: "The online environment is much more convenient for some people who would normally not have access to a dietician. I might see a person once every two weeks in person, but I can touch that same person 3 or 4 times a day via email and I can review food diaries every night."

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A number of Hollywood celebrities use comprehensive weight loss programs to maintain their figures between roles. With their busy schedules, they need coaching and professional help, but cannot take the time to meet face to face on a regular basis so many celebrities have begun using online programs. Of these programs, The Diet Smart Plan has proven to be one of the most effective with new members averaging 10.2 lbs. lost in their first month of membership which can be attributed to The Diet Smart Plan being a comprehensive weight loss program with coaching, online tools such as food diaries and meal planners, and a community of supporting members who engage in online message boards and forming "diet buddies."

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If you want to have the body of a star, use the support program of the stars, check out and get the support network you need.

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