Healthy You - "Biggest Loser" to Biggest Winner


Healthy You - "Biggest Loser" to Biggest Winner
Healthy You - "Biggest Loser" to Biggest Winner

Every week I tune in to the television show The Biggest Loser. I have watched it in all its incarnations since it’s debut in 2005. The show chronicles families, couples, husband, wives, and just average every day people trying to lose weight. I guess what really captured my attention is how brave, or day I say “ballsy” these people are to go onto national television and agree to don bicycle shorts and an exercise bra, well the women anyway. I have to admire them for that alone!

The contestants are real people with real weight problems and are truly inspiring. They don’t do it alone though, they have two trainers, Jillian Michaels, a hard-ass who doesn’t pull any punches and Bob Harper, the softie who can turn on you in a second. Those two really make the show what it is; they honestly care what happens to the contestants, unlike other reality based shows.

The Biggest Loseralso teaches the viewers with various cooking and exercise tips throughout the show. They have dedicated a website called "The Biggest Loser Club" where you can join and follow along with the show. Seeing the before and after pictures posted there is enough to get your butt off the couch and join too!
How does the Biggest Loser motivate you?

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The biggest loser Show is highly motivating for me. This show really makes me feel that if others can do it why can’t I…It inspires me to push myself to the limits and achieve my fitness goal. This show really helps me keep up with my diet and workouts. It reminds me of the hidden potential in me. It makes me believe in myself and be more positive. This is one reality show which makes me act. I am not as overweight as the contestants of the show but it keeps reminding me of living a lifestyle where exercise and diet is important. I have also bought a few DVDs of The biggest Losers Show workouts which I often watch during my workouts. It feels good to train along with the contestants and with the help of constant instructions by the trainers.

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