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Will the Right Dress Make You Lose 10 Pounds Instantly

By Jessica

The rule of thumb used to be: wearing black clothes is the way to make you look thinner instantly - without having to spend a significant amount of time in the gym. But now that summer is almost here, who would want to wear black all the time? Aside from black - a combination of dark, monochromatic shades and vertical lines will make you appear to be on the leaner side. To break the monotony, use colorful accessories to highlight your outfit.

Another golden rule that you should follow is: choose clothes which make the most of your assets and downplay your trouble spots. For example, if you are a bit on the busty side, choose tops which are made of thick fabrics but cling to your curves. The length should be at least down to your hips to make your torso look longer. If your tummy is your problem area, go for clothes which are made of sheer fabric and the best cut for you is an empire waist dress or top. Lastly, if you are bottom heavy, choose tops which take the attention away from your rear and hips. Pair a feminine, ruffled blouse with boot-cut jeans to shed off those excess pounds instantly.

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