Top 20 High Protein Foods ...


Top 20 High Protein Foods ...
Top 20 High Protein Foods ...

A little bit of protein at each meal have numerous benefits, such as reducing the appetite and producing energy for the body. If you’re looking to put on weight, however, it can be very beneficial to make sure you are getting enough.

Excess protein will be converted into fat, indirectly, and stored in the same way carbohydrates are. However, protein contains nitrogen, which is an important chemical. This means that protein is more likely to be converted into carbohydrates then fat, which is much healthier.

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Eggs ...

Eggs ... Eggs contain 6g of protein per egg, and 0g of crabs. Start your day with egg on toast, or make a Spanish omelette and use several medium sized eggs.


Milk ...

One pint of milk (568ml) contains 19g of protein, which is a huge amount! It also contains 24g of carbs. Try making pastry, or even scrambled eggs!


Low Fat Yoghurt ...

150g of low fat yoghurt contains 8 grams of protein, and 10g of carbohydrates. Flavourless yoghurt can be added to Wheatabix for breakfast, eaten on its own or poured over fruit. You can even make your own!


Fish ...

100g of cod fillet contains a massive 21g of protein, and 0g of carbohydrates. Any fish will do, from battered to fresh, so try and make at least one meal a week a fishy dish. Check out these cod fillet recipes.


Cheddar Cheese ...

100g of cheddar contains 25g of protein, and can be easily included in your diet. Try cheese sandwiches, cheese on toast, or just eating cheese as a snack.


Roast Beef ...

Roast Beef ... 100g contains 28g of protein, which is a huge amount. Try roast beef dinners, or even beef sandwiches.


Roast Chicken ...

100g contains 25g of protein, and chicken is easy to include in your diet. Have a big Sunday dinner and eat as much chicken as possible. Use any spare in sandwiches, or try making your own chicken nuggets, etc. There are hundreds of chicken recipes, give some of them a try!


Sausages ...

Sausages contain 12g of protein for every 100g, and everybody loves bangers and mash! Try to include them once a week.


Bacon ...

Who knew a bacon sandwich could be good for you? Bacon contains 25g to every 100g, so try to include it every few days if possible. Bacon can also be used in meatloaf, if you want to mix it up a little.


Beef Burgers ...

100g of an average frozen beef burger contains 20g of protein, but if you make them yourselves you can double this! See how easy it is to make your own, or buy some and mix them with scrambled egg and chips!


Tofu ...

If you are a vegetarian, you will find it quite hard to build up your protein levels if you don’t eat tofu. Vegetarian bodybuilders eat tofu twice a day, including tofu milkshakes, and other recipes. Check them out and see what appeals!


Pork ...

A pork chop contains about 22g of protein, so tuck into two a week.


Beans ...

Most beans, including black, lentils, and pinto, contain 7 – 10g per cooked cup. If you can add these to soups or meals, you’ll double your protein intake easily.


Almonds ...

Almonds ... Almonds contain 8 grams to each ј of a cup. Try snacking on sugared almonds, or add them to curry.


Peanuts ...

Peanuts ... ј of a cup of peanuts contains 9g, so have a bag every time you go to the pub, or snack on some while watching TV.


Other Seeds ...

Seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and cashews also contain protein, differing between 5 and 19 grams per ј.


Tuna ...

Take a baguette and fill it with a 6oz can of tuna. You’ll gain 40g of protein, and have a tasty lunch!


Salmon ...

Salmon ...


5 Oz of Salmon Contains 27g of Protein, Which is a Big Amount. Try Salmon Steak, or Salmon Loaf for Some Unique Recipes


Cottage Cheese ...

Putting cottage cheese in a roll, or eating it out of the tub, contains 15g for every Ѕ cup you eat.


Whey ...

Whey is an amazing protein source. Check out this link for some whey recipes, which should help you include this in your diet.

So now you know the top 20 protein heavy foods; plan your week’s recipes and make sure you buy all the foods listed above. Your protein intake will treble, and you’ll definitely feel a lot better too! Have you got a protein heavy recipe? Please share them with me!

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This post just made me so hungry! Great picks! I've been trying to adopt a healthier, more fulfilling meal plan so incorporating some of these will be a great way to add protein! :)

tanks for this information...very usefull

thanks, Kati, for reminding me of some I forgot about...I have an intense case of hypoglycemia and have to have much protein throughout my average day...your posting was just the reminder I needed..keep it up and thanks girlfriend.

Great article about High Protein Foods. How about using supplements. Love All Gracy

quote: Eggs contain 6g of protein per egg, and 0g of crabs. why will eggs give me crabs, i eat some last night should i be worried, i dont want my girlfriend to find out

Yum....your food pictures are absolutely mouth watering!!!!! I'm glad I had dinner BEFORE reading this post....yet I'm still salivating over the roast beef!! I love roasting a chicken, because you get so much meat in one shot, and can be creative with the leftovers.

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