10 Top Atkins Diet Foods ...


10 Top Atkins Diet Foods ...
10 Top Atkins Diet Foods ...

The Atkins Diet is very popular today. It will involve you eating foods from a safe, low carb food list. I know, at first sight, some of the foods may not look so good, but below, I am going to try to spice it up for you a bit and tell you the top 10 Atkins Diet foods…

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Bacon Photo Credit: NicnBill

Would anyone care for some bacon? Of course, you should not cook it in a pan full of grease. I know there are many bacon lovers out there, so I just had to include this one.


Eat More Chicken!

Eat More Chicken! Photo Credit: doug kimera

Yes, we have all seen the cows holding the sign saying “Eat More Chicken” and maybe they are trying to tell us something! Of course, you can have chicken, but it all depends on how it is cooked. I think boiling it would be the best way to have it. Who here wants some chicken?


Anchovies in Oil

Anchovies in Oil Photo Credit: minwoo

If you like anchovies in oil, then more power to you. Have at it. On the Atkins Diet, Anchovies in Oil is on the list.



Catfish Photo Credit: mooshee85

I am from the south, so of course, I would not turn down a good plate of catfish! I am happy because if I ever wanted to go on this diet, catfish is on the list!



Herring Photo Credit: maurice flower

Herring is another good fish that is on the list. If you can get your hands on some herring and you are on the Atkins Diet, then you are in luck!



Crab Photo Credit: * Beezy *

Are you a crab lover who can’t wave goodbye to this tasty treat? On the Atkins Diet, you do not have to say goodbye to the crab dish!



Coffee Photo Credit: **javaturtle**

Okay, so you can’t seem to skip your morning cup of coffee. That is okay, because the Atkins Diet says that you can have a cup of coffee!



Tea Photo Credit: yoshiko314

Just like coffee, you will be allowed to have tea. So, there is no need to put the tea up! Keep drinking it if you want.



Mushrooms Photo Credit: pbrigitte zombuki

I like mushrooms, they are one of my favorite foods. They are also good for you and guess what! You can have them when you are on the Atkins Diet.


Collard Greens

Collard Greens Photo Credit: The Foodgitive

I cannot turn down a good bowl of collard greens! My lizard loves eating them too! Except…he likes them raw and I don’t. Oh and the plus side is that you can have them on this diet!

With the Atkins Diet, you are going for the low carb foods. If there is any type of food you are wondering if you can eat while on this Diet plan, just post it on here and we can tell you if you can have it or not.

Top Photo Image: JcOlivera.com

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I lost over 60 pounds on an Atkins/South Beach type diet a few years ago and it was sooo easy once I got over the sugar withdrawals. I ate a TON of cheese and was never hungry but an Italian girl can only live so long without bread and pasta. I gained all the weight back as soon as I ate my first crouton.

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