10 Great Super Bowl Foods ...

If Super Bowl Sunday always leaves you wondering whether you might need a bigger TV, another recliner, or just an update for your menu, worry not! Here’s a list of my ten favorite Super Bowl foods… all of them simple, delicious, and sure to please everyone, Saints and Colts fans alike!

1. Chips and Dip/salsa

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Photo Credit: prettywar-stl

It’s some kind of unwritten law: everyone, everywhere must like chips and salsa (or some other dip). There are so many kinds of chips, and so many kinds of dip, there’s certain to be something for everyone. There’s tortilla chips with salsa, there’s Lay’s with French onion dip, there’s Doritos just plain by themselves. Pour some crisps into a bowl, choose two types of dip or salsa, and there you go. Super Bowl treat number one complete!

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