10 Facts about Organic Food ...

For years, we’ve heard so many things about organic foods from so many different sources. The media says they’re amazing, practically miracle foods. Growers line up on both sides of the organic-foods debate, and tiny mom-and-pop stores, as well as big grocery chains, are all loaded with all kinds of organic foods from popcorn to milk to fruit snacks. But what’s real, and what’s just hype? Here are ten facts you need to know about organic foods…

1. It’s Less Likely to Be Infected with E. Coli

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In order for a food item to be labeled “organic” by the USDA, it must follow strict planting, growing, and harvesting guidelines, including how long (and which kinds of) natural manure fertilizer may sit on the fallow land before crops are planted. There are no such regulations on non-organic foods, so the chances of those fruits and vegetables being contaminated with E. Coli are greatly increased.

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