10 Things about Liposuction You Must Know ...


10 Things about Liposuction You Must Know ...
10 Things about Liposuction You Must Know ...

Everyone knows that being overweight can be frustrating and it can also be depressing. If you are thinking about going through liposuction, then I have 10 things about liposuction you must know. I am not trying to persuade you away from it, but I do believe that you are looking at all of the good things of it (that’s loosing that weight and getting skinny quick), while you may be ignoring the not so good things about it.

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Nothing seems to get rid of that flab and when you do get it away, once you miss that treatment, it comes right back. With liposuction, it will get rid of it, but if you are not careful it could come back if you gain weight. It is important to keep the weight off when you lose it.


Effective Cellulite Treatment

Liposuction is an effective cellulite treatment method. However, no treatment is perfect and there are some side effects that could occur.



It is possible to have some scarring, swelling, pain and even saggy skin.


The Price

The price may not be a concern to some, but to others, it is a big thing. When you compare it to gym memberships and topical creams, it is a big price. Going under the knife will definitely put a dent in that bank account.


Liposuction and Pain

When going through the procedure, it can be painful. You could end up with stinging scars.


The Time

Each session will last anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour. It all depends on how much body fat needs to be removed.


Idea Candidates

Many plastic surgeons do not believe obese people are idea candidates. This is because they are likely to gain weight after they have gone through the process.


The Price Varies

Did you know that the liposuction price varies? It all has to do with what part of your body you want to slim down.


Requires Anesthesia

Just like with any other surgery out there, liposuction will require you to go under anesthesia. There are two types of anesthesia. You have local and general.


Male Liposuction is More Expensive

Did you know that liposuction on a male is more expensive than on a female? This is because the ale fat is more fibrous. The body of a male is not as soft as a females.

Liposuction is something that has become very popular in today’s world. It is performed in the United States and many other parts of the world. I have made another blog called 10 Best places to get Liposuction in the USA, if you are interested in that. Is there anything else about liposuction we need to know?

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I watched liposuction operation on TV, and my stomach was turning inside out...honestly. I would never subject myself to such "torture". Exercise and sensible eating habit will most likely accomplish the same, or better results. A friend of mine had it done on her thighs, and had a ton of bruising for a while.

My clients friend died on the surgery table during lipo...not worth it. Stick to the traditional approaches like exercise.

Such a good post Mel. I don't like these kind of things. I prefer normal dieting and loosing weight in my own best efforts. And than being proud of what I achieved!

If you are considering liposuciton, then you should really look at laser lipolysis or laser lipo such as smartlipo, prolipo or slimlipo. These are minimally invasive. A tiny (6 mm) flexible tube with a light is inserted. It melts the fat and then it's extracted. Much, much gentler and a much faster recovery than traditional liposuction. Plus you're awake - no general anesthesia. There's no need to go under the knife anymore. One visit, one procedure and that's it. And because of the heat the skin shrinks and tightens, so you're not left with baggy skin - like lipo. Good luck.

after speaking with a plastic surgeon friend, i don't think i can ever do lipo. exercise will have to do.

Trainerpack: That's horrible. I get that those are not entirely common but things like those deter me from even considering the procedure.

I'll have to stick with exercise and eating right, too. For one, I would not be able to take the pain. And I'm not rich. haha

Thanks Melanie for this useful post. An alternative for cellulite could be vacum treatment.

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