12 Things about Liposuction You Must Know ...


12 Things about Liposuction You Must Know ...
12 Things about Liposuction You Must Know ...

Liposuction, it is something that many overweight individuals consider after months of exercising and nothing going away. I have some things about liposuction that you must know. Below, you will find 12 things about liposuction that I feel you need to know about.

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Liposuction costs anywhere from three thousand to ten thousand dollars. In this day and age, there are many individuals that do not have this type of money, especially not for liposuction. The price is definitely a factor that you need to consider before you have your heart set on going through with this procedure.
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During liposuction, there are two types of anesthesia you could receive. The type of anesthesia includes general and local.


I also feel that one of the things about liposuction you must know is the length of the procedure. This procedure could take anywhere from two to five hours before it is completed.


Many people are concerned with the down time of liposuction. Depending on the person, the down time could be anywhere from one to three days.


What about the recovery time? Many are under the impression that after liposuction, they will be free to go in and do what they want. However, this is not entirely true. Recovery time is needed. Recovery time can be anywhere from one to two weeks. Again, it all depends on the individual.


Where can this procedure be done? It is done in the surgery center of the hospital.


During liposuction, the doctor will be removing fat from the problematic area. The fat is removed from under the skin.


There are two types of liposuction. The first one is the tumescent technique. This is when a saline solution is injected in the skin through slit incisions. It will then allow the saline solution to diffuse through the fatty tissue. This is best for in-office surgery. This is the safest technique and will offer you the fastest recovery.


Ultrasound assisted Lipoplasty is the other technique that is available. Basically this will be liquefying the fat before it is sucked out.


Liposuction can be done on nearly any part of the body where a lot of fat is present. This includes the buttocks, calves, thighs, hips, back, neck, abdomen and even the face. There are extensive procedures that can deal with many sites at once.


The UAL procedure could take thirty percent longer to perform.


Ninety percent of cases have been said to be performed as outpatient surgery.

Those are 12 things about liposuction you must know. Liposuction is something that you really need to think about before you get it done. You should not rush with your decision and you should make sure you have all of your facts. Has you or someone you know had liposuction done? What are some alternatives to liposuction?

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2 - 5 hours? That's way too long for someone to be working on my body. I never knew like any of this!! Thanks (:

Thanks for those informative tips Mel. I surly didn't know that much about liposuction!

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