8 Secret Things That Age You and How to Stop It ...


8 Secret Things That Age You and How to Stop It ...
8 Secret Things That Age You and How to Stop It ...

Well, everybody knows that smoking will give you wrinkles and knock years off your life, and that too much time in the sun will make you look a lot older then you are, but did you know that there are a lot of other things that can age you without you realizing? I’ve been looking into it, and here are 8 things you probably didn’t know...

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Your Mobile Phone, or Sat Nav

Your Mobile Phone, or Sat Nav Photo Credit: KhE 龙

Japanese researchers recently tested the memories of a group of 20 and 30 year olds. They found that one in ten had memory problems that are usually linked to getting older. The reason why? Our increased dependence on things like our mobile phones and sat navs has meant that we don’t use the part of our brain that allows us to recall information, or work out where we are going. It really is a case of losing it if you don’t use it!


Neglecting Your Vegetable Patch

Neglecting Your Vegetable Patch Photo Credit: donsutherland1

Fruits and vegetables can be credited with preventing noise-induced hearing loss. When you hear a loud noise, your body produces free radicals to counter the noise. Your body then uses antioxidants to fight these radicals, but if your diet is lacking in antioxidant rich foods, this won’t happen. Which means that your hearing can be damaged much easier. What better reason to start getting your five a day?!


Loving Red Meat

Research has shown that those who eat red meat more then ten times a week are at risk of damaging their eyesight. It increases your chances of getting AMD (Age related Macular Degeneration) by 47 per cent, compared to eating it five times a week. If you love your red meat, aim to eat it five times a week for maximum benefit, and then eat chicken or fish instead.


Giving up the Gym

Giving up the Gym Photo Credit: Meremail

Okay, everyone knows that going to the gym is much better for you than sitting at home, but it does more than just benefit your current health. Exercising increases your flexibility, which means you are less likely to suffer breaks and falls well into the future as well. Try different types of exercise to find one you enjoy, or try going with a friend or family member for moral support.


Sitting down Too Much

Sitting down Too Much Photo Credit: ' Toshio '

Did you know that giving up your seat on the bus could be good for you? And not just for moral reasons. Sitting down too much has been linked to raised blood sugar, and increased chances of abdominal fat, which are both bad for your heart. If you have to sit down a lot, make sure you get up and walk about for a few minutes every hour, or lie down and twist from side to side every so often.


Too Many Diets

Women tend to live longer than men, as their immune systems age slower, and so should keep us healthy for longer. If you are constantly dieting you could speed up your immune systems decline, however. The more times you gain and lose weight, the more damage you are doing, so if you need to diet, really consider why it isn’t working, and discuss your concerns with your doctor or dietician.


Being Sober

Being Sober Photo Credit: Darwin Bell

Drinking alcohol (in moderation!) has been proven to improve bone density, which means your bones will stay healthier for longer and be less likely to break. If you are teetotal, or don’t drink much alcohol, focus on getting a good intake of dairy products to get the same protection.


Cheap Plastic Containers

Cheap Plastic Containers Photo Credit: BlackSirius

While this is often heavily debated, American research has suggested that cheap plastic containers can contaminate food with synthetic oestrogen, which triggers fat creation. If you can, use glass containers, and keep plastic containers out of the sunlight. Never reheat food in plastic containers, and try to eat citrus fruit as this counteracts the synthetic oestrogen.

Wow, I was really shocked by some of these! Who knew that a glass of wine could boost your bone strength, and vegetables are key to keeping your hearing? I’ll definitely be following this advice to keep myself feeling young and fit! Have you found something that secretly ages us? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: KhE 龙

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