8 Reasons Not to Be Afraid to See Your Doctor ...


8 Reasons Not to Be Afraid to See Your Doctor ...
8 Reasons Not to Be Afraid to See Your Doctor ...

Lots of people get very nervous about seeing their doctor. The British can be especially reluctant to bother him or her, because the doctor is so busy and it’s nothing, really … Well, I’m here to tell you that you should never be afraid to book that appointment, and here are 8 reasons to put your anxiety aside.

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Worrying for Nothing

Worrying for Nothing Photo Credit: moiht

You’re fretting yourself silly, thinking that your symptoms mean you’re seriously ill/dying/dead already. Yet you may have got things completely wrong. Your doctor can reassure you, and tell you if you’re fine.


It’s Better to Know

It’s Better to Know Photo Credit: John7950

People go into denial if they think they might have something serious. They pretend it isn’t happening. Yet if they go to see their doctor, he can either tell them they’re okay, so they know they don’t have to worry, or if the problem is potentially serious it can be investigated and treated. Better to know what is going on.


Your Doctor is Trained

Your Doctor is Trained Photo Credit: brach0

Have you self-diagnosed by Google? I know I have. It’s very easy to read a list of symptoms on the internet and think that’s what you’ve got. Yet these sites are unregulated, and may not be accurate. Your doctor has been through years of training.


First Port of Call

If you have a problem that needs further tests, your doctor can order them. He will be able to refer you to specialists if necessary, who have more knowledge in a particular field. Your doctor is always the place to start.



Advice Photo Credit: marcp_dmoz

Doctors can advise you on many issues. They can give you information on lifestyle changes, losing weight, quitting smoking, emotional issues … Many medical centers also have specialist clinics that can help and support you.


A Friendly Ear

A Friendly Ear Photo Credit: _ Krystian PHOTOSynthesis (wild-thriving) _

If you are feeling stressed, unhappy or depressed, go see your doctor. They are not just there to deal with the physical body. A good doctor will also understand emotional problems, and arrange further counseling or advice if you need it.


Second Opinion

Second Opinion Photo Credit: *Evelina*

Are you afraid to see your doctor because you don’t get on with them or find them unsympathetic? Don’t be afraid to change doctors. Ask to see a different one within the same practice.


It’s His Job

The doctor is trained and paid to see and treat patients. You are not ‘bothering’ him if you book an appointment, and if the receptionists are not helpful then insist. Think of yourself as a client if you like.

I hope that you will not be put off now if you need to see a doctor. Better safe than sorry! Your doctor is there to help, and it’s important to take care of your health. If you have symptoms, don’t be afraid to make that appointment – there may be nothing to worry about!

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