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5 Things to Make You See Blood Red...

By Meream

1 Tomato-Tomahto

If I could ever muster up the right amount of effort to start a garden, I'd definitely make room for tomatoes. How about you? Do you have tomatoes in your garden? If you are wondering how to harvest them, here are some tips to help you out.

2 Chillin' with Some Chili

When I still ate beef, I LOVED making chili. This sounds similar to the recipe I have tried before and if I remember correctly, it was a hit during my 24th birthday. I had a Mexican party.

3 YSL and the New Guy

So Halle Berry finally stepped out (officially) with her new boyfriend, Olivier Martinez. As if the beautiful man beside her wasn't enough, she wore a gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent dress that made her look positively stunning.

4 Bitten

Ever wonder what it's like to be bitten by a vampire and then bleed out a little bit? Or a lot? Now you can't really know for sure so why don't you turn to some books to know what it's really like?

5 Apple-Pickin' Finds

Here are some apple-picking-inspired items that will surely make you rethink your shopping ban, if you have one. I want that pot! And the paper clips!

We know it's almost Halloween and you have probably read wonderful posts lately that are related to blood. Share them with us!

Top Photo Credit: jacki-dee

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