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4 Important Things You Should Know about Smokeless Tobacco ...


Smokeless tobacco is known in several names, including chew, snuff, spit tobacco, as well as plug, chaw, or dip. All of these mean the same thing, and that is tobacco products that are not smoked by the user. Rather, smokeless tobacco products are placed inside the mouth, usually between the cheek or the lower lip and the gums. From there, it will mix with the consumer’s saliva, stimulating it to release juices that contain nicotine. If you are keen on using smokeless tobacco, below are some of the things that you should know.

1 Aid in Quitting Smoking

One of the primary things that you should know about smokeless tobacco is that some people use this to help them quit smoking for good. This is because compared to smoking cigarettes, the use of discreet Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches is a lot less harmful and less dangerous. Some studies show that in some countries such as Norway, the use of snus has helped cut down smoking on their general population. But they have significantly limited the number of chemicals that can be included in the snus products that the government approves of. This is to ensure the safety of consumers using smokeless tobacco products.

2 Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Some smokeless tobacco products, particularly those manufactured with a lot less chemical ingredients, are being used as a nicotine replacement therapy. These particular smokeless tobacco products do contain nicotine but no other hazardous chemicals such as those found in the tobacco products that are often smoked. Thus, they prove to be a viable choice as a nicotine-based quit aid that can help those who cannot give up smoking instantly. You can find nicotine replacement therapy products in the form of a gum, patch, nasal spray, inhaler, or even lozenges.

3 Health Consequences

Like with any other products in the market, smokeless tobacco products still pose certain health consequences, particularly with excessive usage. In this case, the user of these products is prone to brown-stained teeth and bad breath, particularly because of nicotine. Continued and prolonged usage of the products can also lead to permanent gum recession and bone loss, as well as tooth decay. For these reasons, you should consider limiting the use of smokeless tobacco.

4 Harmful Chemicals

Certain smokeless tobacco products contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, arsenic, cadmium, as well as radioactive polonium. These are some of the most potent carcinogens that can cause various types of cancer. For this reason, you should meticulously scrutinize the ingredients contained in the smokeless tobacco products that you are using. This means that you should only go for the products manufactured and distributed by the most reputable and reliable brands.

To wrap things up, smokeless tobacco can be considered as an alternative to help you quit smoking, particularly as a nicotine replacement therapy. Just keep in mind that just like with any other tobacco products, smokeless ones still carry some health consequences and risks. Thus, make sure that you exert the extra effort to research as much information as you can about these products before delving into its use.

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