What You Need to Know About MC Numbers ...


What You Need to Know About MC Numbers ...
What You Need to Know About MC Numbers ...

What an MC Number Exactly Is?

Abbreviated as MC number, a motor carrier number is also a form of authorization and a unique identification. This number is assigned by the FMCSA to different trucking businesses or moving companies.

The MC number holds the same authentication for interstate movement in all the authorized states.

However, it’s also the case that not all the trucking businesses are required to show an MC number.

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Who is the MC Authority Certificate for?

If we look at it from a general perspective, then we’ll know that the businesses that do the below activities are required to acquire a motor carrier number (MC number) and a DOT number.

- The movement of products that are regulated under a federal institution that are under the ownership of other people. And the movement is done by paying a fee or other sort of compensation.

- The people or passengers who are involved in the activity of interstate commerce (for any direct or indirectly paid amount).

As opposed to the USDOT Number’s procedure of applying - a business organization will have to apply to get multiple authorizations to start and carry out its uniquely planned interstate commerce.


Which Businesses Do Not Need an Authorization?

This aspect is dependant on the fiscal or insurance related responsibilities that any business must meet. And the businesses that can carry out movement activity without an operating authority are:

- Private carriers (carriers that carry the cargo they own)

- For-hire movement companies that have cargo which is not federally controlled 

- Carrier companies that only have operations in a federally designated “commercial area” - exempted from interstate authority rules.


The Different Types of Authority

Any business that applies and requests for a specific type of Operating Authority will automatically choose for itself a kind of insurance and a certain insurance amount mandated by FMCSA.

This is the reason why a moving business should opt for a certain type of Operating Authority that is most relevant to it.

It is due diligence to keep in mind that the FMCSA has no policy for reimbursement of the application fees.


How Much Time Does it Take for the MC Number to be Active?

Once a business has successfully filed its number to get approval for trucking operations - it then takes about two weeks for the MC number to be issued and activated.

It’s recommended that during this time period - you hire a professional registration services provider to satisfy any requirements for drugs and alcohol - along with other sorts of permits for transporting.

Also, after a moving company has done all formalities such as application and form to acquire MC and USDOT numbers, it takes a minimum of 21 working days for the authority to get to active status.

It’s also worth noticing that are the costs recurring or not. Note that the to-be-paid cost for each and every Operating Authority is only a one- time fee of around $300-$350. Therefore, we advise you to submit separate filing fees at the time of submitting the application.


What is a USDOT Number?

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) designates an identification number to moving companies. Each USDOT number is unique and belongs to only one moving business.

It’s mandatory for any moving company that transports people or goods across state lines to have its unique number. These companies register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The FMCSA uses the USDOT number. This way, the FMCSA tracks the performance of a moving business and ensure protection of consumers. You should never contract a moving company without a USDOT to help you move across state lines. Because this number is required for all commercial transportation between states.

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