10 Routines Every Woman (and Even Every Man) Should Have ...

I am one of those people who like making plans. I find comfort in having a routine. Contrary to what some people think, routines don’t make your life boring or monotonous. Routines can bring structure to your life and can actually help you have more free time. Routines give you the chance to have a balanced and calm life. Here are 10 routines that every woman should have. Oh, and even a man can use these in his own life (except for a couple of things).

1. Hair

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Your hair routine should include regular, but not daily, cleansing and conditioning. You can also do weekly deep cleansing and conditioning. Trim your hair half an inch every three to four months if you are growing it out. If you are maintaining the length, then trim it half an inch every month. If you have had color applied, then schedule touch-up sessions with your hairdresser only when absolutely needed. For your daily hair routine, consider what needs to be done or applied to your hair. Of course, try to keep the use of heat and hair products to a minimum.

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