7 Fun Things to do with Your Toddlers ...


7 Fun Things to do with Your Toddlers ...
7 Fun Things to do with Your Toddlers ...

Having little ones around can be a challenge, but it can be life’s greatest blessing! It’s important to cultivate your relationship with them when they are young in order to make sure you have a bond for life with them. Here are 7 fun and interesting ways to do that!

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Blow Bubbles

Blow Bubbles Photo Credit: 3rd foundation

Blowing bubbles is an inexpensive, super fun way to keep your child entertained a lot longer than you would have though! You may find that it’s pretty relaxing on you too! Go outside and spread out a blanket on the grass. Take turns blowing the bubbles and watch some fun explode in front of your face!


Build a Block Tower

Build a Block Tower Photo Credit: Jennifleur79

Tots love building tall towers and knocking them down. Problem is, they can never really get them tall enough to make a big BAM! Here’s your part; help stack the blocks till they are super tall and then let your sweetie kick em’ over! You’ll have a blast doing this over and over.


Have a “Camp-out”

Have a “Camp-out” Photo Credit: Holtsman

This one is a hit with kids off all ages. Using tables and chairs and other pieces of furniture at your disposal, create a “tent” with blankets! Take snacks and sleeping bags and storybooks and the all-important flashlight under there and have fun camping out in your own living room!


Play Board Games

Play Board Games Photo Credit: tiffanywashko

A lot of people seem to think that toddlers are too young for board games. Of course not! There are games created just for toddlers. With a little patience, you can teach your little one how to play it and help develop his thinking and learning skills at the same time! It will be an enjoyable time for you both.


Sing Silly Songs

All little kids like to sing and dance to silly songs. Put on a CD with children’s music and sing along together. This works great for when you are in the car! If you are at home, don’t be afraid to dance around and do the little hand motions with some of the songs.


Play Make-Believe

Play Make-Believe Photo Credit: Deby Dixon Photography

I am a firm believer that you are never too old to pretend! Have a box filled with costumes and dress up items on hand and every now and then, dress up and pretend to be pirates together. Or queens. Or dragons! Or whatever else you want to be. It’s fun and playing make-believe will help you get away from the stress of your hectic adult life for a while.


Have a Balloon Contest

Have a Balloon Contest Photo Credit: veader

Blow up a bunch of balloons. Play some games with them, like who can keep theirs up in the air without letting it touch the ground the longest. Or who can blow up the biggest balloon. Then have fun popping them together! Kids love stuff like that! Just be sure and pick up all the pieces to avoid the danger of suffocation.

Make memories with your children while they are young. They will be grown up and on their own before you realize it. It’s important to make the most of the time you have!

Top Photo Credit: sesame ellis

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Singing silly songs and play make belief sounds like a fun time to me! Itis something that would be great not only for toddlers, but also for adults to escape our busy lives and have fun a little!

Yes, I agree Denise. I love to dance and sing, so it is perfect for kids as well. Is there anything active you do with your kids; maybe you have any suggestions? :)

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