7 Chores Kids Can do ...


7 Chores Kids Can do ...
7 Chores Kids Can do ...

Have you ever noticed how children enjoy doing chores? However, when they get older, the love for doing chores all of a sudden disappears. My little girl enjoys helping out around the house. Ever since she could walk, she enjoyed doing something around the house. She enjoys feeling useful and if I tell her she can’t help, she will get upset. Will there ever be a time where she pitches a fit when I ask her to clean her room? I’m not sure with her, but right now, I am going to give you 7 chores kids can do.

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Wash Dishes

Wash Dishes Photo Credit: PopKulture

If your kid is tall enough to reach the kitchen sink, then they can do dishes. You may have to supervise them with this, depending on their age. Also, make sure there are no sharp objects in the sink before they start washing.


Wash the Car Photo Credit: Grayman

Washing the car is fun! My six year old enjoys washing the car with me. When she is older, she will be able to wash it all by herself.


Take out the Trash

Take out the Trash Photo Credit: nya_nya

Taking out the trash is for the older children. I know, this may not be a fun job, but everyone has to learn how to take out the trash!



Vacuum Photo Credit: poopoorama

If your kid is old enough to vacuum and you think he or she can handle it, then let them at it. As a word of advice, make sure everything, such as socks, pennies and anything else is off of the floor or they will get sucked up.


Dust with the Duster

Dust with the Duster Photo Credit: littlefeather100

You can allow your five year old and above to do this one. Do you known those cute little dusters with feathers? My daughter is tickled over them. She loves going around and dusting stuff with it. She’s my bunny cleaner!


Fold Clothes

Fold Clothes Photo Credit: es1123

Folding clothes is aimed at six year olds and above. When they fold the clothes, you can help them put them up in the drawers. My little girl enjoys folding clothes when the laundry is done.


Dry Non Breakable Dishes

Dry Non Breakable Dishes Photo Credit: geeo123

This is a chore that a five year old will be able to do. My little girl loves drying dishes that are not breakable. Once you teach them how to do it, they will want to do it every time you are washing dishes.

Those are 7 chores kids can do. You should take note that by asking your child to do chores and help you around the house, you are teaching them responsibility. Now, I’m not telling you that you should treat your children as if they are slaves and expect them to do everything. There are plenty of other chores that they could do around the house. So, I want you to tell me your personal experience with your children doing chores. Do they like it or do they despise it?

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haha! When I was a kid, I remembered being hired by mom to wash the cars everyday :)

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