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It still amazes people when I tell them it rains more in Spain than it does in the UK. In fact, during the last week it has rained so heavily that on some days it has been impossible to go out (without getting soaked, anyway). And Spain is hardly alone when it comes to rainfall. So here are some pleasures to enjoy when you’re stuck indoors on a rainy afternoon.

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Yes, if you’re stuck indoors with your other half, then why not close the curtains and make the most of the opportunity. This does not of course apply if you have kids, unless you can distract them with TV. For the child-free, enjoy a, erm, siesta.



As with when you are sick, rainy days are an ideal opportunity to spend some time watching movies and trashy TV. So instead of thinking that you ought to be going out and doing something more active and cultural, channel-hop until you find something undemandingly entertaining, or put on a DVD.



Do you have friends you haven’t spoken to in a while? Take the chance to catch up with them (if they’re not enjoying better weather) and have a good gossip. Chatting via webcam is especially good if you live a distance apart and don’t have the opportunity to see each other much.


New Book

We all seem to be so busy these days that we hardly have time to sit down. So a rainy afternoon is the perfect opportunity to stretch out on the sofa and open that new paperback that’s been sitting on the shelf for ages. If it’s so good that you want to read it in one go, you can!



Thank god for pizza delivery services. They can get wet instead of you. Pizza goes particularly well with a movie, so you can have double the rainy afternoon pleasure. It’s especially good if you’ve got no food in the cupboard – who wants to go out when it’s raining?



If you’re into crafts, do you always have more than one project on the go? Being stuck indoors because of the weather gives you the chance to get something finished – or at least make some progress.



I’m not that keen on cooking, but I do enjoy baking (or at least, eating the results). If the rain is making you feel cold, switching on the oven for some homemade cakes will warm you up. Plus you get to enjoy the results.



If you have kids to entertain, get out the paints, throw an old sheet on the floor, and let them have lots of messy fun. Any kind of crafts will keep them entertained and forget that they are bored being stuck indoors. If you don’t have kids, don’t let that stop you – have a go at some crafts yourself.

What are your favourite ways of amusing yourself on a rainy afternoon?

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