7 Ways to Spend a Lazy Afternoon ...


It doesn’t happen often, but once in a while, I’ll realize it’s Saturday afternoon, and I don’t have any kids, my boyfriend’s out, the laundry is done, the house is clean, and even the cat is quiet. I’m by myself, with no obligations… what to do, what to do? These are my favorite things to do… here are 7 ways to spend a lazy afternoon…

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Nap! Photo Credit: unfocused mike
Far and away my favorite thing to do with spare time is to pay back some sleep debt… in other words, nap! Half an hour, two hours… under a blanket on the couch, in the sunshine… is there anything better to do with a lazy afternoon? I think not, but keep reading…



Bake Photo Credit: theladymargaret

Baking makes me happy, relaxes me, and makes the house smell divine. It doesn’t matter what I’m baking, cookies, pies, cake, bread… it all makes me feel wonderful. The only part I don’t like is the cleaning up…



Mani/Pedi Photo Credit: Little Thoughts

My poor nails. I don’t often give them the attention they deserve. So every chance I get, I give myself a manicure or pedicure, or on rare, wonderful occasions, both!


CSI/SVA Marathon

CSI/SVA Marathon Photo Credit: soleá

Guilty pleasure: watching TV. I don’t watch a lot of TV, usually less than two hours each week, but once in a while, I’ll grab the remote, plant myself on the sofa, and indulge in three or more hours of Law and Order: SVU or (better yet) CSI Las Vegas. Snacks are optional, the main thing is the really involving, really interesting TV…


Read a Book

Read a Book Photo Credit: kimberly hurst

Right now, I have a pile of eight books I’m dying to read. Every chance I get, I dive into one of them, but usually it’s just for a few minutes while I’m eating my cereal in the morning or waiting for my daughter to be released from school. If I get a whole afternoon to myself, I’m certainly going to read for at least two hours! The best book to read while sitting lazily on the couch? The one pictured above, of course!


Highlight Your Hair

Highlight Your Hair Photo Credit: mylestec

It takes me two hours to highlight my hair myself. The kit costs ten dollars, versus paying more than ninety dollars at the salon. So if I have the time, I’ll gladly highlight my hair… as long as no-one’s home to see me with that bonnet on…


Drink Tea, Cocoa, Coffee, Cider… Martinis?

Drink Tea, Cocoa, Coffee, Cider… Martinis? Photo Credit: tinkerrrbell

Regardless of what I choose to do on my lazy afternoon, it’s a guarantee I’ll be drinking hot tea, more than likely Mango Black Tea from Trader Joe’s. So, whatever YOU decide to do with YOUR lazy afternoon, make sure you have your favorite beverage on hand…

I might run to the gym on my lazy afternoon… or maybe not… but I can’t wait for my next lazy afternoon… Which of these things do you do when you have a day (or just an afternoon) to yourself? Or is there something else you love to do? Please let me know…

Top Photo Credit: iamchanelle

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