8 Fun after School Activities ...


8 Fun after School Activities ...
8 Fun after School Activities ...

Often when you pick your child or children up from school it can be very difficult to think of activities to do with them. Here are 8 fun after school activities.

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Puppet Show

Puppet Show Photo Credit: ighosts

A puppet show really depends on the age of your child but many very young children enjoy puppet socks. The truth is that they could probably watch these shows for hours on end and you can make them enjoyable but educational at the same time.


Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons Photo Credit: Sabine75

There are not many children that do not like splashing around in water for hours at a time. If you child is one of them then why not arrange swimming lessons, this way they can have fun, meet other children and you are likely to meet other parents.


Make a Trip to the Park Educational

Make a Trip to the Park Educational Photo Credit: David Gn Photography

Many children love spending lots of time outdoors and it is very good for their health. In my opinion taking your child down to the local park can be both fun and educational at the same time. As you are walking around the park you can point out various plants, trees and so on, and provide an educational fact about it.


Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Photo Credit: Chica and Jo

Occasionally spend a bit more time arranging an after school activity and create a treasure hunt for your child and their friends. This could involve searching for chocolate or something else that children love. By splitting the children into teams it could help them to develop their team work skills.


Baking Brownies or Some Other Form of Cake

Baking Brownies or Some Other Form of Cake Photo Credit: cathydanh

Regardless of whether your child is female or male, many children enjoy baking cakes and other delicious goods. So why not arrange for your child and maybe some friends to do this under adult supervision. There are many easy cakes to make such as brownies or cookies that do not take a lot of time.


Candle Making

Candle Making Photo Credit: FrogMiller

In my opinion candle making can be a really enjoyable activity for children and they are able to develop their creativity skills. Once created these candles can be enjoyed by the whole family during the evening meal or time spent together.


Horse or Pony Riding

Horse or Pony Riding Photo Credit: appaIoosa

Either horse or pony riding, depending on the height and age of your child, can be an extremely fun after school activity in my opinion. This is because it allows your child to have some form of exercise and at the same time they meet other children in the group. Also most young children love ponies.


Face Painting

Face Painting Photo Credit: garreyf

This can be a very messy after school activity but children often love it. You can allow your children to have fun with the paints or if they would like something specific painted on their faces you could have a go. There are a wide range of designs available out there in books and online, with step by step guides.

There you have 8 fun after school activities, which will hopefully capture your child’s attention for hours. With some of the activities they do not take up much time so you can always try more than one in the same day, if their attention tends to dwindle after a while.

Top Photo Credit: brady frequent traveler and eater

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