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The Latest Dibs on Britney Spears

By Mabelle

The latest news is that Britney Spears is seen frolicking in Costa Rica where she is reportedly staying at Mel Gibson's $31-million mansion in Samara. The mother of two is a guest of Gibson and his wife Robin. The two's friendship first became public when Gibson and Spears were seen dining together in March. In relation to this, the two were formers neighbors in Malibu, which probably explains their bond.

Now, let us take a look at what Britney's been up to lately. Here are a few snippets from some of her latest interviews.

Last May 19, according to, Britney apologized to her family for her 'erratic' behavior. As a result of this, she was left under her dad Jamie Spear's guidance, and her mother was the one who urged her to apologize. Here's what she said: "I'm sorry to have put you through so much. much. I’m strong deep down and I think the whole thing has made me even stronger. I think now I’m on the right track to being a better mother and a better person, someone you and my boys can be proud of." This was the 26-year old's comment after gaining more visitation time with her sons, who are currently under their father Kevin Federline's care.

As far as her career is concerned, Britney has made quite an impact on her 'comeback' appearances as a guest star in the hit CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother". She first appeared in the show on March 24, and then again on May 12th. She played the same character named Abby who has a crush on Ted. The latest is that the show's creators are open to a third Britney installment - and may even consider making her a regular on the show.

Now that she can get to spend more time with here kids and the audience is warming up to her television comeback, maybe the once-pop-princess turned tabloid material could now could finally be given a chance to put her act together.

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