Can Britney Actually do Some Good?

It seems like former pop princess Britney Spears can actually take the time to do some good. Last Saturday night, the 26-year-old mom of two joined do-good couple Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. It was a fundraising event for Generation Rescue, an org dedicated to researching autism.

Other stars who joined the event were newlyweds Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller and another lovey-dovey couple Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez.

According to guests, the Brit looked great and seemed really happy. However, she did not speak to other guests and kept her assistant Brett by her side. She snuck out during one of the performances from “Dancing with the Stars”.

Just recently, Britney finished with the custody settlement for their 2 sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. She has to pay Kevin Federline 20 grand a month, since he has full custody of the two kids.

I think Britney is off for a brand new start and we should give her another chance. I'm not a big fan of Britney but the consistent good reviews and reports proves that she is getting back on track. **Is this for real or just a stunt act? **Let's wait and see.

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