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6 Celebrities Doing Good ...

By Meream

Fame equals power. And celebrities who can command thousands of dollar for an appearance that can last only a minute or two, fame is even made more solid because of the money they can earn. It would be easy to hate them but most celebrities we have today are nice. Not only do they give to charity, they also use their status to convince us to help others. Because let's face it, not everyone in the world today is lucky enough to have shelter and sit in front of the computer reading blogs without worrying about a single thing. With that said, I have made a little list of celebrities doing what they can to help others. May they inspire us to help those who are in need.

Disclaimer: I have chosen to exclude the big names (Jolie-Pitt, George Clooney, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, etc) since we already know that they have worked hard on helping war and disaster victims, the poor, and the sick all over the world.

1 Ryan Philippe

Ryan PhilippeWearing a shirt that says how to help. Ingenious, right? Because he knows that the paparazzi will take photos of him. Great way to use the paparazzi, by the way.

2 The Beckhams

The BeckhamsThe Jolie-Pitts aren't the only generous family in celeb land. Victoria, David, and their boys have designed some shirts for Sports Relief, a charity organization geared towards helping the needy in the UK and all over the world.

3 Jared Leto

Jared LetoCharity auctions are big in the world of celebrities because they actually have great things to offer. Here is Jared Leto giving some of his money andtaking home a wonderful collectible at the same time.

4 Rachel Bilson

Rachel BilsonGiving money outright may be the simplest way to help but there are also times when a celebrity's other talents can help. Rachel, with her style savvy, did just that by designing a pretty cool bracelet for the Diamond Empowerment Fund.

5 Adam Lambert

Adam LambertEven a simple PSA can bring about big changes.

6 Lady Gaga

Lady GagaShe designed a shirt in order to help Haiti. Since getting a Lady Gaga look sounds pretty difficult, you can just buy this shirt. It's the closest (and most generous) thing you can do to get Gaga-fied.

Remember, if you want to give to a charity (whether supported by a celebrity or not), check the Charity Navigator first to know about its reputation. Intelligent giving is a must.

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