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5 Golden Globes Tidbits the Only Things That Matter ...

By Meream

1 Live Blogging, for Those Who Were Not Able to Watch

I was not able to catch the show on TV. Thankfully, I can read this live blog. Of course, it's not the usual "this is what happened" live blogging. It's funny and snarky!

2 Red Carpet round up: Who Was Best Dressed?

These ladies look dashing! As per usual, Diane Kruger is one of them. But I think I love Cameron's shiny red dress more.

3 Christina Hendricks, WHOA!

Okay, I love the dress but you know I'm not talking about that, right? I am having a girl crush moment.


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4 How Did the Host do?

Ricky Gervais was the host of this year's Golden Globes. And as with any comedian hosting an awards show, some jokes were a hit and some were obviously not.

5 Who Won?

Check this post for the list of winners. Glee won for Best Television Series – Comedy Or Musical! Yay for them!

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