10 Most Important Celebrity Scandals in 2010 ...

For some celebs, making scandals is the only way to stay relevant while others have their reckless, cheating spouses to thank for this type of negative publicity. Some of those things make us go LOL while others leave us feeling kind of sad, wondering how that person must be feeling right now. Moreover, when I look back at this past year, I can definitely say reading gossip magazines was everything but boring. So, here’s the list of some very scandalous events that have certainly made 2010 a very profitable one for tabloids:

1. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

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Image source: livestory.com.ua

Any man would be lucky to have Sandra as his wife but Jesse apparently isn’t just any man or isn’t a man at all. I will never understand why people cheat and, if they really must do so, why don’t they at least find somebody better? Jesse has ruined the best thing that has ever happened to him and for what? Affairs with trashy webcam models! LOL! Talking about a fair trade…

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