8 Singers Who Shouldn't Act ...


8 Singers Who Shouldn't Act ...
8 Singers Who Shouldn't Act ...

While there are some actors/actresses out there that shouldn’t sing, I am going to tell you 8 singers who shouldn’t act. Number 1 is the one that annoys me the most. Let me get started on that list …

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Mariah Carey

Photo Credit: allnewmoviereviews.com

Personally, I do not think Mariah Carey is a good actor. I still think she is a good singer and when I was little, she used to be one of my favourites. Just stay out of the movie business and no more movies like “Glitter,” okay?


Taylor Swift

Photo Credit: jieent.wordpress.com

I’m not sure if I liked Taylor Swift acting. It seemed that I could really tell she was acting and I didn’t like that. I do, however, think she is a good singer. I’m sure, in due time, her acting skills are going to improve – everything takes time and practice.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Photo Credit: taramtamtam.com

I just don’t know about this one. Personally, I’m not sure what she is – besides an heiress, but here she is, claiming to be a singer and actress. Either way, I really do not think she should act. In one of her movies (I forgot which one), I remember her talking so slow and it really annoyed me.



Ashanti Photo Credit: zimbio.com

Ashanti played in Resident Evil as nurse Betty. I don’t really think she should be acting. I think she has a great voice though! I know, but who am I to judge.


Mick Jagger

Photo Credit: independent.co.uk

Playing in “Performance” in 1970 wasn’t that great, at least, not to me, so of course, I am goin to include him on my list of 8 singers who shouldn’t act. Do you blame me for this one?


Jessica Simpson

Photo Credit: beehivecity.com

Dukes of Hazard with Jessica Simpson was a big “no, no” and I have heard many people complain about this one.


Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice Photo Credit: billboard.com

When he played in “As Cool of Ice,” many of us instantly knew he was not going to be a good actor. Sorry to say this one Vanilla Ice, but in my opinion, the acting wasn’t all that great. Maybe it was just the plot.


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Photo Credit:zimbio.com

“What’s a Bieber?” Yeah, I have asked the same exact question before as well. I’m sorry girls. I know some of you are so in love with this Justin Bieber boy but he has got to go! I just tossed him out the door and told him to stop acting. Please, I’ll pay you not to act! I might even pay you not to sing! Okay, I’m going to get some evil messages for downing this boy, but that’s okay – he’s just a “boy” whose mother is always beside him.

Perhaps with these actors and actresses, if they were given different plots, ones they could actually relate to, their acting skills would be much better. I don’t like judging anyone on this type of stuff, because I know that while I didn’t like them, others do and if they suck, there is always room for improvement. So, which one do you think should stay out of acting?

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Ha. Paris Hilton shouldn't sing or act.

I agree with all these remarks about Paris Hilton. But I think that she shouldn't even be considered a singer. True she has her album out but recording your voice doesn't make you a singer. It's just means you're someone who sold a couple of cd's.

I agree with Bieber. HORRIBLE actor, not to mention bad singing.

MADONNA!!! she's a great singer, love her singing voice, but she just can't act.

I think Taylor Swift should still act, she was hilarious on Saturday Night Live, she's prety good at comedy acting. Paris Hilton shouldn't even sing, just no... As much as I dislike Justin Bieber, he wasn't overly horrible in CSI, though I might be saying this because I got to see him die. xP

You forgot Beyonce she isnt that good either

BIEBER!!! EWWW im sorry but you shouldn't be singing when your voice doesn't match your gender...

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