9 Actors Who Can't Actually Act ...


9 Actors Who Can't Actually Act ...
9 Actors Who Can't Actually Act ...

There is actually a film called ‘Bad Actors’ and all of these listed below should be made to watch it for crimes against cinema, until they recognise their guilt. What qualifies any of them to call themselves actorsis beyond me.

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Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley Oh what a shallow world we live in, when wearing the ugliest dress in the history of couture can make a talent-free ‘actress’ rich and famous. I feel I know Liz Hurley’s boobs better than she does, since she ges them out at every photo-opportunity.

Photo Credit: Chance98


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton In the remake of House of Wax, Paris Hilton achieved the remarkable feat of appearing more like a waxwork before being turned into one. Try ‘acting’ again, Paris, and we’ll kidnap your chihuahua.

Photo Credit: Daviidzziitoo



Madonna Oh dear, Madonna. The list of shame that is your ‘acting’ career is too long for me to include here. Your confidence and persistence would be admirable were it not for the fact that you made the cinema-going public pay the price, in more ways than one.

Photo Credit: rISO3D


Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley Why, oh why, is she described as an actress? An actress should be able to act. Acting involves being able to convincingly pretend to be someone else. Ms Knightley just makes me want to slap her in every film, because all I can see is her simpering face.

Photo Credit: Amir.


Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen George Lucas, j’accuse. By making this casting decision you ruined the original trilogy. Just how seriously can we now take Darth Vader, the most evil villlain in the Universe, when we have seen him as a sulky teenager stamping his feet and wailing ‘it’s not fair!’


Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck To quote Weird Al, ‘I sued Ben Affleck … do I even need a reason?’ Halfway decent in Dogma, but not as good as Matt Damon. In every other film might as well have ‘Bad Actor’ signposted above his head. More wooden than the average forest.

Photo Credit: ari_mty


Jack Black

Jack Black Having a rhyming name does not make a man funny. Go away. Go away now.

Photo Credit: Battledog


Megan Fox

Megan Fox Okay, Megan Fox, you’re pretty. Go be a model, dear. Spare us the attempts at acting.

Photo Credit: zepzaplin


Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey So bad, he’s not even worth checking if I’ve spelt his name correctly. Mercifully quiet lately. Perhaps even Matthew himself has realised his total lack of acting ability.

Photo Credit: wbmoviesgirl

Now, this is hardly an exhaustive list, and there are many more ‘actors’ to keep this bunch company. Who would you name as unworthy of putting ‘actor’ under profession in their passport?

Top Photo Credit: Daviidzziitoo

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I've never been able to stomach Kiera Knittly (misspelled? really?). At least in that soccer movie, she had plenty of company in the acting department. But Jack Black is fun. Lets just say he's consistent :-)

what about the whole Twilight cast? The trailer alone bored me to death. Anyone can act better than the girl.

so for most of your list, i totally agree with you. but kiera knightley can totally act - she was wonderful in pride and prejudice, and totally held her own against a veteran shakespearean trained actor, and she was only 17 when she did pirates!

I am like the biggest Kiera fan. I love her. I am surprised to see her on the list.

Mather, Ben and Keira ? Do you even know what an actor is ? It's not pretending honey! That's just someone who has a double face! But those guys are from the best actors in Hollywood so far

You should make a list of bad writers and make yourself #1 this sucks

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