7 Cool Celebrity Tattoos ...

When flipping through magazines or looking at Hollywood gossip websites, I’m always on the lookout for new celeb tattoos. Some of them are goofy or weird, some don’t make sense, but others are really cool and have a lot of meaning. Here are a few I’ve seen lately, or have just always liked… this is my list of 7 cool celebrity tattoos.

1. David Beckham

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Becks has lots of tattoos, but the one I like the most is on his left forearm. It’s his wife’s name, Victoria, in Hindi, which is rumored to be misspelled. Under that, he had added another line, in Latin, “Ut Amem Et Foveam,” which means, “so that I love and cherish.” So sweet! I think it’s romantic, though maybe a little risky, when a man tattoos something specifically for a woman he loves… risky because look what happened to Johnny Depp with his “Winona Forever” tattoo…

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